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New Startburst review. Spark is a mystery thriller story disguising a treatise on the evils of the establishment  and big business. It was also pretty good. 104 more words

The Wolves of London

New Starburst review. Another new fantasy series is kicked off in a slightly lackluster manner with a meandering mystery that doesn’t really go anywhere.

The Wolves of London is the latest in the sub-sub-genre of London-set urban fantasy, the first of a trilogy titled after its macguffin, the Obsidian Heart, a self-explanatory supernatural artefact that reformed ex-con Alex Locke is singled out to steal for reasons never adequately explained, and for his trouble becomes the quarry of the novel’s titular group of supernatural assassins. 71 more words


New Starburst review. Ouija is yet another tedious horror featuring pretty young things being menaced by some supernatural force they accidentally unleash and must search for a way to stop it. 115 more words