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Starburst 435

Only the regular AudioStatic column in Starburst 435, I’m afraid (some months just catch up on you) and I’m giving others a chance to write the feature article for a few issues as well, so don’t expect a lot of content in the magazine for a while. 54 more words


Starburst 434 articles

I produced three items for Starburst 434, one of which is my regular monthly column AudioStatic. If you see the issue with the Power Rangers cover, that’s the one! 73 more words


Don't Leave Candy Around Me

While I was moving my friends car, I noticed these starburst wrappers in the side pocket of his drivers door. Immediately I scavenged through the pocket to find any uneaten starburst. 256 more words


The Wartime Chronicles review on Starburst

I had a chance to watch The Wartime Chronicles from Reeltime Pictures. John Levene reprised Sgt Benton and even if the story isn’t fully explained, Andy Lane and Helen Stirling wrote an intriguing piece, which runs to just over 30 minutes. 36 more words

Doctor Who

Starburst Tie Dye Watercolor Metal Print

A tie dye graphic design using digital watercolor painting with textures to create a vibrant starburst display, this metal print is a thin, lightweight and durable 1/16″ aluminum sheet canvas. 39 more words


A Little TMI, But It's True 81/365

Today, I’ve been craving crap. You know what I mean anything with salt, crunchy, sugar, greasy, yeah any of those foods were high on my list of things I want to stuff my face with. 378 more words