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Skittles And Starburst Breaking Flavor Barriers With New Flavors

Okay, in all seriousness, I LOVE Skittles and Starburst, probably my top 2 candy choices that do not include chocolate. They have strayed from the original flavors a few times which tropical flavors or sweet and sour flavors, but now they are breaking all sorts of flavor barriers. 117 more words


Spicy Starburst And Skittles Are Set For Release This Winter

One representative from the candy company Wrigley confirmed that Skittles and Starburst will be infused with a spicy zing this December.

The “Sweet Heat” candies will have a a black wrapper and a new fiery logo.   49 more words


Photo: Starburst Wrappers Dress

A woman made herself a dress out of more than 10,000 Starburst wrappers!

Emily Seilhamer is an artist and upcycler — meaning she recycles items by creating new things out of them. 15 more words


See The Rainbow Dress Made Entirely Out Of 10,000 Starburst Wrappers

Artist Emily Seilhamer is really into upcycling: creatively using (or repurposing) materials that would normally be thrown away.

She’s obviously into Starburst candies, too.

As you can see and read about below, Emily has created a dress made out of nothing but 10,000 Starburst candy wrappers.   137 more words


Colorful Starburst Tie Dye Canvas Print

Available in two sizes, this colorful canvas print features a starburst tie dye design with texture printed on a bright white, fine poly-cotton blend, matte canvas using latest generation Epson archival inks. 18 more words


Good Things Come in Pairs

First up, let me introduce you to Starburst Gummies. They’re soft, chewy, but not so chewy they get stuck in your teeth, and shaped perfectly like Starbursts. 239 more words


Burst of Radiance!

Location: Carrizo Plains National Monument, California
Time: Midday
EXIF: Canon EOS 7D | EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM | 10mm | f/16 | 1/15s | ISO 100… 1,029 more words