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Jim Raynor from StarCraft II is one of Sideshow's most ambitious projects yet

When Blizzard Entertainment came out with StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty in 2010, it was quickly praised with accolades, including a VGX Award for Best PC Game. 187 more words

Blizzard Sues Hackers For Map Hacks

When players decide to use exploits and ruin everybody’s fun, Blizz sends out the Zerg (or lawyers, at this point).

Even if laddering on SCII is hard, cheating is still out of the question, and the Anaheim, CA based company wants to make sure everybody knows it. 181 more words



Happy new year! – I hope that your new year resolution gym membership lasts longer than three weeks. If you stick with it, more power to you. 89 more words


Starcraft Chess Project (12)

Once again I’ve been very busy with university work, its only a week before i go home and therefore i have set that as my own personal deadline to get this work finished so that when i go home i can spend some time with my friends. 172 more words

Character Art

Starcraft Chess Project (11)

Its been long since my last post, I’ve been very busy completing university work for mid january. Unfortunately im not enjoying it so much which is why its taking so long, I’ve more or less just been opening the work files, staring at them for hours and then closing them. 242 more words

Character Art

Starcraft Chess Project (10)

I managed to finish the rig for the protoss character, it took a while but i think im getting more used to the rigging process since i managed to rig the hands without using a tutorial. 274 more words

Character Art