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The Lost Ligthouse Plays: Heroes of the Storm

Kii and Krew actually PLAY Heroes of the Storm this week! Go forth and see a large cow man beat a tiny panda lady to a pulp!


Video Game Varsity Athletes Need to Be More of A "Thing"

“I have practice” has a new meaning. All those hours spent after school (or after work) and on the weekends leveling up your character in World of Warcraft or creating an impenetrable defense in Starcraft could soon be more than a hobby for college students. 615 more words


Theory: Doing RPS Right

Rock-paper-scissors (“RPS”) dynamics are sometimes held up as fundamental to game design, a core principle that makes balance possible. Taking rock-paper-scissors too far, however, can lead to reductive games that are only interesting during character selection. 1,249 more words

Game Design Theory


When I love something a lot, I will use my passion for it as an inspiration for a new tattoo (if it’s possible) ;-)

I’ve got tattoo from Assassin’s Creed (logo), Star Wars (logo of Dark Side with my pseudonym in aurebesh and DARTH MAUL’s name), two from Legacy of Kain series (Kain’s and Turelim’s logo), Horus Eye, tribal dragon and name of my friend and AMAZING person THE Richard. 27 more words

The Lost Lighthouse Introduces: Heroes of the Storm

Kii pokes around in Heroes of the Storm and shows off a couple of it’s more unique features.