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TvT: 3CC Mass Cyclone

The mass Cyclone three Command Centre build is now one of the most common builds in the Terran mirror match up. 886 more words


TvT: Is Cyclone Evil?

Cyclone defines TvT early game. But is Cyclone healthy for the match up? 2,383 more words


This Fan-Made StarCraft Kids Book Is Totally Adorable

Most Blizzard StarCraft fans take their love of the sci-fi lore -an “homage” to Warhammer 40k if you want to be polite about it- and channel it into different and productive ways. 167 more words


2-1-1 for Each Match Up

2-1-1 was designed for TvZ, and it is arguably not a good choice for TvP and TvT. This post discusses how 2-1-1 can be adapted and used in each match up. 1,737 more words


Plan for July-August 2018

I had submitted my thesis, so I can afford to spend more time on TerranCraft. 370 more words


Delete Your Tweet: Reputational Risk from an Esports Perspective

Faker, Flash, GeT_RiGhT and saebyeolbe are or were at one point considered among the best players in the world. All four are known for competence in a number of areas, some excelling in pure technical ability, while others are credited as highly cerebral players. 1,373 more words