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Born A Gamer

TODAY someone mentioned that they have never played World of Warcraft – I mentioned that I love it, especially since I have played it’s RTS saga-prequel since I was roughly 5 years old. 396 more words

My Weapons of Choice

I am not a violent person, but put me in front of a PC or an Xbox and I will kill things until they’re…well, dead. Not surprisingly, I have favourite ways of doing it, too. 1,129 more words


TvT: Defensive 13 gas

INnoVation has been opting for a 13 gas opening in his recent TvT games, and it has garnered some attention for the right reasons. This post is to discuss the train of thoughts behind this build, and how this works in comparison to gas first openings. 1,171 more words


Review - Starcraft: Brood War - PC

It was a very moody conflict.

The original Starcraft may have started it all, but it was the expansion, Brood War, that cemented the series as one of the finest RTS games of its time. 565 more words