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Upvoted: Spent ages wondering how this guy got a warp prism and DTs so fast. Ended up just being clever use of the map... via /r/starcraft

Spent ages wondering how this guy got a warp prism and DTs so fast. Ended up just being clever use of the map…

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2017 Bold Predictions in eSports

I’m almost a month late on this one, but this year in eSports just started! Last year was a memorable year seeing records break, investors from various industries such as sports and tech, and lastly, even seeing new eSports games form. 590 more words


TvT: 15/16 Reaper Expand Cyclone Opening

The new 15/16 Reaper expand Cyclone opening is the new standard macro opening in the Terran mirror match up. I will discuss how the metagame shapes this opening, and why it goes against the conventional knowledge of TvT. 1,015 more words


ES: Mindset

This is the second post of the Elementary Series. This is not your typical mindset article about how to improve in Starcraft and climb the ladder. 3,091 more words


Blizzard’s tight lips might sink the Overwatch Sponsor-ship

There’s no denying that Overwatch, the team-based hero shooter from Blizzard Entertainment, is poised to take the eSports world by storm. On top of being a supremely fun and deep shooter, both keys to creating a good eSport, Blizzard has revealed plans to run an international league featuring a major and minor league, relegation, salaries and benefits for the players, an off season, and teams tied to cities for a regional connection like traditional sports. 541 more words


Upvoted: How creep makes units go faster via /r/starcraft

How creep makes units go faster

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Legendary StarCraft Players Flash And Jaedong Battle In Brood War

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Last night during the Afreeca Starleague semifinals in South Korea, iconic StarCraft: Brood War players Flash and Jaedong matched up once again for what turned out to be an incredibly thrilling series. 159 more words