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Building Behooves Me

Warning: It’s 3:45am. I have whiskey. I refuse sleep. Mine world is not for the weak of heart, frail of constitution, or generally fucking weak. 1,175 more words

Review - Starcraft - PC

You can never go home again…oh wait!  You can!

Starcraft is a game that needs no introduction, but it is a game that might need revaluation.  620 more words

The case for build order of Terran

There seems to be a tendency of over-scrutinising and over-comparing build orders when they aren’t that different, yet some important implication differences are overlooked. This post is about my opinion on this issue. 1,904 more words


[Experimental] Markers - Zeratul

I thought I’d do something different today… So I drew a PROTOSS!!

I’ve sort of been on a Blizzard kick since I’ve been playing Heroes of the Storm. 108 more words


Heroes (Kahramanlar)

 İlk yazımda’da söylemiştim 39 tane kahraman var. Kahramanlar wow, diablo ve starcraft şampiyonları ile karma bir şampiyon düzeni kurmuşlar. şampiyonlar Assasin, Support, Warrior, Specialist diye sıralanıyor. 129 more words

Heroes Of The Storm