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Slizer: BMS v1.18b13

Release Date: 11/2/17
1. Added a new mission 1
2. Redid the tutorial messages animation
3. Units now decelerate from speeds beyond their max speed… 319 more words

Patch Notes

5 Video Games I’d Love to Play Again (For the First Time)

I “borrowed” the idea for this post from a recent feature on Unbound Worlds listing five books to read again, for the first time. I am, of course, working on my own list for that one, but while considering books, I started thinking about the games that rocked my world, the ones I wish I could go back and play again for the first time. 2,229 more words


Siege Tank Positioning

Siege Tank positioning is an art. In this article, I will discuss where you should position your Tanks based on several important considerations. 4,436 more words


Comfort Food + For Honor Thoughts

I’m not sure if it’s because of how dire the news has been lately or what, but lately I’ve been feeling less interested in seeking new sources of entertainment. 584 more words


Climbing Mount Readmore 2017, 14/100 'Starcraft: Evolution'

Starcraft: Evolution By Timothy Zahn

Audiobook Edition, Narrator Christopher Ryan Grant

Finished on 2/1/2017

1 Marine, 1 Reaper, 1 SCV, 1 Ghost and 1 Dark Templar out of 5… 354 more words

Mount Readmore

Player's Seem to Really Enjoy the Emblem Creator in For Honor

Can’t fight for the Holy Land if you don’t look good.

Ubisoft’s For Honor has just finished their open beta, days before the release of the full game on February 14th, and fans have mostly responded positively. 321 more words