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Highlight Clips and the Loss of Context

On the internet in the early 2000s, the short, 5-second-at-most animated gif reigned. Before high-speed internet became ubiquitous, the gif was a low-commitment way to share snippets of your favorite show. 725 more words


SideQuest - #1

– By Aecium

My journey to creating Side Quest is a winding one that has given me the chance to face my anxieties and which I can trace back Starcraft. 1,220 more words


The Spawning Pool Party

Two weeks ago, I ventured into the world Starcraft 2. As you guys remember from my previous article, I never really had a good relationship with the franchise, but after spending a little time playing every day, even if they were only AI games for practice, I discovered my addiction to It. 1,350 more words


TvP: Proxy Builds

Proxy is ubiquitous in Terran versus Protoss now, and its implications to the balance of the match up are debated by the community recently. This article is a follow up to my… 3,494 more words


SC2: Master and Commander

It may have taken me the lion’s share of three years, but I’ve finally reached level 90 mastery in StarCraft II co-op.

This is essentially the level cap, though that’s become a terribly nebulous concept in co-op. 1,136 more words


Starcraft 2 - Hell, it was about damn time

My story with the Starcraft universe is a long one and not so positive. As a former Warcraft 2 and 3 player, when I first encountered the Starcraft franchise all I thought to myself was: oh god this is so different, so fast paced and with too much going on. 1,460 more words


Network Hacking - StarCraft - Spoofing Messages

So continuing on from our previous tutorial digging into the UDP protocol we learned a bunch of different things about how it works. Since then I’ve done some more digging and was actually able to uncover a fair amount of detail on the protocol itself as it has been hacked and reverse engineered pretty heavily over the years. 1,356 more words

Game Hacking