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Revolution of Cyclone

Cyclone is not the first unit to come to mind when you think about how the new Legacy of the Void units change the game, but this unit has been in the spotlight in some recent games. 1,698 more words


What Andy's Playing: Heroes of the Storm

I’ve played a number of different types of games, and the one that’s taking my time right now is Heroes of the Storm, a game that’s a bit odd in some ways but very satisfying in others. 1,833 more words


Happy Returns: TotalBiscuit & Team expert

Some months ago I started this blog with two emotional farewells to some major players in the StarCraft 2 scene. The Heartbreaking Final Days Of The Swarm… 711 more words


Defending Against Starcraft 2 Cheesing: What to Do When They're Playing Opossum

A couple weeks ago, I posted the Terran Starcraft 2 cheesing strategy I call “Playing Opossum“. Before moving on to a new strategy, I may as well describe the best ways to counter the opossum strat. 181 more words


Re-Examining the Autoethnography and THE STATE OF PALAY

Ellis. (2011)“Approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyses personal experience in order to understand cultural experience.”

Time for me to get back to work and re-thinking about the first post for DIGC330, “ 470 more words


Autoethnography: Korean E-Sport Culture (Starcraft)

Autoethnography is a mixture between autobiography and ethnography. In this case it is a self-reflective document on a culture that is other than my own (Korean). 529 more words