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Imagine that you could actually buy a working pair of those fabled rose-colored glasses people are always talking about. Booting up StarCraft Remastered isn’t too far off from living that nostalgia fantasy. 727 more words


Rant about eyes

I'm going to rant about eyes, because i don't like what happened in remastered. You see, when remastered was coming out, they were going to change the color of the High Templar's eyes from red to blue, and then there was a HUGE backlash, but then there was the vulture. 72 more words


Worst Matchmaking System.

It's disgusting, I have never seen a matchmaking system so pathetic yet this game offers next level graphs and statistics for all your matches for so many details but can't calculate a simple MMR to do fair matchmaking? 249 more words


Inktober Day 30

Day 30: Kerrigan
“Unbridled energy!”
Theme: Found


Inktober Day 29

Day 29: Raynor
“Hit ’em hard, and fast.”
Theme: United


Mira & Horner: Battlecruiser

I was pretty hyped when i saw Commander with Battlecruisers, however that hype quickly fell when i looked at their stats.

Yeah, i get it, with over 1k health, huge Armor and 6 range they're supposed to tank enemy's anti-air units. 120 more words