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Review -- Starcraft: Legacy of the Void (430)

Starcraft has always had a special place in my heart. I know it’s not accurate, but I do consider it the beginning of Esports and gaming on a competitive level. 729 more words

Daily Dose

Marine Maya Rig - video demo

Marine is here: patreon.com/TruongCgArtist
Hope you like it. Now some starcraft characters are ready. Some fan films are going to appear. Stay tuned!

Maya Rigs

Lurker - Starcraft Broodwar - Remastered HD

Concept Art

Animation – Set
Alex Alvarez

Model – Texture
Leo Nguyen

Rigging – Render – Comp
Truong Cg Artist


Defiler - Starcraft Remastered

This is a fan made video, featuring one of the unit in Starcraft: Defiler. Hope you enjoy!
The rig is available at: patreon.com/truongcgartist

Concept Art: Mr Jack… 17 more words


Lurker - Starcraft Broodwars Maya Rig - Exclusive on Patreon

As I promised, a new rig and exclusive for my patrons at: patreon.com/truongcgartist
The best part is that, this rig is FREE for you, my patrons ;)

Maya Rigs

Hydralisk turntable

Hydralisk turntable. Modeled based on a concept by Mr Jack Art.
I plan to do some StarCraft Broodwar clips highlighting some skills/ combos of each unit, like zerg rush, multalisk micro, spider mine trap, etc. 13 more words

WIP/ Sculpting Timelapse