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The Road to Blizzcon: Part 2

So here we are again. Blizzcon is still roughly five months away. But a few weeks ago we made another crucial step forward. Plane tickets have been bought! 126 more words

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Defend against proxy Oracle

Let’s face it. Every Terran has lost to a proxy Oracle build before, and that includes the professional players. Many have asked me about how to response to a proxy Oracle, so here it is. 1,062 more words


ACL Sydney 2015

This is an eventful weekend for Starcraft around the world with both GSL and WCS Season 2 coming to an end. Australia is also having its own big Starcraft event: … 54 more words


New Art - Heroes of the Storm

I have finally finished my Heroes of the Storm fan art piece for the Deviant Art contest. I managed to get it finished a few hours before deadline! 52 more words


StarCraft Zergling Rush - Perspective From the Ground

Everyone that has played some form of RTS (Real Time Strategy) would know of StarCraft and the dreaded Zerg swarm. Here is a really awesome short film from… 33 more words


The return of the blog

Well look who is back! It sa me Flidiot, now know as MXMtcheuVI. Returning to blogging and SC2 after a dive into CS:GO. Although I enjoyed the game, the team factor isn’t my thing, since you are really dependant on your team mates most of the time. 255 more words

MC retires from SC2

MC, one of the greatest Starcraft 2 (SC2) players ever has announced his retirement from competitive play. He retires having won more prize money than any other player in the history of SC2. 307 more words