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Automated Game Balancing in Ms PacMan and StarCraft using Evolutionary Algorithms

Incredible paper presented as a talk at EvoGAMES 2017 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) by Mihail Morosan.

Co-authored by: Ricardo Poli.


Games, particularly online games, have an ongoing requirement to exhibit the ability to react to player behaviour and change their mechanics and available tools to keep their audience both entertained and feeling that their strategic choices and in-game decisions have value. 136 more words


TCGP 89 - So Many Calls of Duty

On this functionally ADHD episode of The College Gamers Podcast: Changes are coming to Overwatch. Dark Souls Publisher is making a new game and it looks very anime? 82 more words

The College Gamers

Hackaday Links: April 23, 2017

‘Member StarCraft? Ooooh, I ‘member StarCraft. The original game and the Brood War expansion are now free. A new patch fixes most of the problems of getting a 20-year-old game working and vastly improves playing over LAN (‘member when you could play video games over a LAN?)  271 more words

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Games Night 20th April 2017

Tonight three of us started to play

However, in round 1 Tassadar (MC) and the Queen of Blades (PH aka “The Zerg are rubbish”) clashed over the same planet leaving Tassadar with no active forces and Kerrigan with just enough to occupy Tassadar’s starting planet before any more troops could be built. 150 more words