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Ultralisk and Terran Tier Three Units

The problem with Ultralisk in the TvZ match up has been heavily discussed in the previous weeks, and I believe there are more things we can look at instead of just nerfing Ultralisk. 1,222 more words


E-sports have really taken a storm in the past few years.  Tournaments that were once participated by amateurs filled with only a room full of people have now expanded into arenas that are situated by thousands of people.   96 more words


Shift in Paradigm in TvT Early Game and Transition

While others are studying the builds in the recent TvT games, I am actually more interested in the choices and transitions in general. The early game dynamic of the Terran mirror match has changed in Legacy of the Void. 1,640 more words


[Artwork] Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void War Council

This is the War Council set from Starcraft II Legacy of the Void. It was the first set that we have built for the expansion. During the creation of this set I was in charge of the blockout and assembly of the set as well as modeling, texturing, final detailing and final lighting. 82 more words

Starcraft 2 Arcade

The top 10 arcade games for Blizzard’s game Starcraft 2 have finally be announced. For those of you who aren’t aware, the arcade is one of Starcraft 2’s free to play section’s that has heaps of awesome and interesting game modes. 204 more words