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Queen of Blades (StarCraft II)

You’ve slaughtered millions
with your minions,
there’s no time to mourn
for you are the Swarm!

After your resurrection
you feel them all
by psy-connection… 82 more words


Nerd Recap: Catholicism to Orthodoxy

What It Was Like Being Catholic: 2004 – 2012

What It Was Like Leaving Catholicism: 2013 – 2017

What It Is Like Becoming Orthodox: 2018 Onward… 8 more words


What is so wrong with Star-Craft 2 races: part 2: protoss

Let’s talk about protoss shall we? The SUPERIOR master race that are so advanced that they can teleport everywhere and harness the power of crystals and do all that without damaging the environment! 291 more words

Video Games

Highlight Clips and the Loss of Context

On the internet in the early 2000s, the short, 5-second-at-most animated gif reigned. Before high-speed internet became ubiquitous, the gif was a low-commitment way to share snippets of your favorite show. 725 more words


SideQuest - #1

– By Aecium

My journey to creating Side Quest is a winding one that has given me the chance to face my anxieties and which I can trace back Starcraft. 1,220 more words


The Spawning Pool Party

Two weeks ago, I ventured into the world Starcraft 2. As you guys remember from my previous article, I never really had a good relationship with the franchise, but after spending a little time playing every day, even if they were only AI games for practice, I discovered my addiction to It. 1,350 more words


TvP: Proxy Builds

Proxy is ubiquitous in Terran versus Protoss now, and its implications to the balance of the match up are debated by the community recently. This article is a follow up to my… 3,494 more words