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StarCraft II from Korea "late night"

In a rare treat (that I imagine has something to do with the Olympics) the GSL is live from Korea in a time slot that works for those of us here in the states. Thanks GSL!


Dear Blizzard regarding GSL Ro32 quality issues...

First of all this is not SPEND MORE MONEY rant, but more of a humble whine about the current status of GSL Ro32.

Although it may not seem a big deal just one player in a group being clearly below the level of others ruins a big portion of the matches. 142 more words


Best Video Games for the Olympic Games

I can’t stop watching the 2018 PyongChang Winter Olympic Games.  I do not know anything about most of the competition, but the race to win gold keeps drawing me in.  557 more words

Deep Thoughts & Opinions

Multiplayer Matchmaking

So call this a rant post if you want, but I'm unreasonably frustrated with the 2v2 and 3v3 matchmaker. I'm a gold league player. Who is also gold in team leagues. 57 more words


More FREE games on PC/Steam

(Disclaimer: Again this is just my opinion, and the games I have played so far)

Fallout Shelter:

This game has been out for a while now, and has been available in Android and iOS before the PC release. 343 more words


An eclectic mix of tags

My day has gone distinctly sideways on me. I can tell because I’m listening to Nine Inch Nails at volume on my Bose. The self destructive, depressed, banging Courtney Love, drugged up Trent Reznor. 547 more words

Basset Hound

StarCraft II

Hello and welcome to the Koprulu Sector!

We recognize that you might have found your way here after hearing the news that StarCraft II is going free-to-play very soon—on November 14, to be exact. 540 more words