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TvP: Figuring Out the Puzzle

Many asked me what I think about TvP, and I sort of tiptoed around the debate most of the time. But some recently have convinced me to write something up to facilitate discussion and hopefully push the match up for the better. 2,382 more words


Esports: Did esports lose its soul? Or did it change with the times?


It was in the heart of Autumn in Los Angeles and the leftover rain congregated together at each imperfection on the dated sidewalk. I couldn’t have been no older than 6 as me and my father and two uncles walked into the arcade. 604 more words

Gratitude Journal March 2019

Ok, gratitude listicle!

  • Job at Event Espresso. I’ve been learning a lot over the years, been involved in interesting projects, had friendly coworkers, open-minded and humble bosses, given time to study, experiment and contribute to other open source projects.
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TvZ: TY's 3CC 2-1-1

TY recently has been using a TvZ build that resembles the characteristics of early three Command Centre and 2-1-1. I first saw this in his game against Rogue in Olimoleague more than a month ago. 1,060 more words


Thinking About Talking Balance

Nothing engages the community more than discussion involving balance. While everyone is engaged in talking about balance one way or another, it seems to me few give much thought about the act of talking balance. 3,373 more words