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Self-proclaimed gamer and technology-user

I frequently play games through a variety of technological mediums. Physical skill, board, console, computer, mobile, you name it. I was raised in the gamer generation and have learned a lot from it to apply to the real world. 547 more words

ECI 830

TvZ: Double Medivac Stim

The double Medivac Stim timing at around 5:00 has been gaining momentum recently in TvZ. Although the build has been discussed by the community, I have yet seen any discussion on how it challenges the current TvZ metagame. 1,231 more words


StarCraft: Co-op Appreciation

I’ve starting to feel a little burnt out on the Old Republic lately, so for the last week or so, I’ve been playing a lot of StarCraft II’s co-op missions for a change of pace. 1,573 more words


Complete Achievements/Trophies list for Overwatch: Origins Edition (Xbox, Playstation - 2016)

Blizzard Entertainment doesn’t make a whole lot of games.  What they do is publish a game, that game becomes a worldwide phenomenon, and then they support said game from atop their theatrically large chairs made of our money.   1,093 more words

Video Games

InReview: Red Solstice

How good are you at adapting to new situations? How good are you at adapting to situations where an army of constantly spawning monsters are bearing down on you? 856 more words

Bit Trauma

TvP: Two Base Raven Tankivac

Tankivac has redefined the Terran mirror and Terran versus Zerg match up in Legacy of the Void. Now, it has also found its way to the Terran versus Protoss match up that previously utilises Tank the least. 808 more words


Blato, trava, krv i barut

Dawn of War je injekcija adrenalina. Setting je naravno sam po sebi dušu dao za krvoločnu stragegiju: koncept politički sumornog „večnog rata“ između zaraćenih strana toliko moćnih da nikada ne mogu pobediti drugu stranu prebačen je u uzbudljivost adolescentskog stripa, petparačke i sladostrasne kombinacije visokog SF-a i bizarne tamne fantazije. 425 more words