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RTS Games: Is the genre truly dead?

Remember ordering dozens of tanks into the enemy’s base in Red Alert and watching with glee as everything burns on the screen? In the late 90s, you would be hard pressed to find anyone with a inkling of interest in gaming not having heard about games like Red Alert and Starcraft. 374 more words

Will RTS Video Games Ever Make a Comeback?

As 2020 approaches, it feels as if the 2010s have been a decade void of any decent RTS titles. Starcraft 2 has had a presence, true, but that game debuted all the way back in 2010. 910 more words

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TvZ: Support Units Tech Switch

Terran players always have support units for their main bio army. There is a shift in the choice of support units and when they are used in the TvZ match up. 1,183 more words


My Opinion on the Balance Revamp 2018

The yearly major balance changes were announced two weeks ago. This post is to share my impression of the proposal. 3,125 more words


Da StarCraft a Overwatch: Blizzard pioniere degli eSports

Il Barclays Center ha ospitato un gruppo di nuovi atleti questo Luglio: 2 dozzine di persone che giocavano ad Overwatch. Più di 10.000 fan dell’FPS di successo della Blizzard si sono riuniti per vedere i i Philadelphia Fusion affrontare i London Spitfire nelle finali della Overwatch League – un torneo professionale con un premio di 1 milione di dollari. 524 more words



The exploration of the StarCraft universe continues to new frontiers! Following the success of StarCraft: Scavengers, Dark Horse and Blizzard Entertainment are excited to announce the next series in the… 234 more words

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