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4 days in a box: day 3

James got up on Sunday morning to take Pepperoni out in the freezing cold and when he came in the trailer and proclaimed, “I’m a morning person now!” To which I died laughing, because he’s totally not. 700 more words

Car Camping

TvP: A Shift in Mid Game Goals

There is a shift in how Terran players approach the mid game in TvP. 1,757 more words


Episode 18 - Nanomanagement (Ft. Slim as Special Guest)


On today’s episode of Make Me A Gamer, HarveyZ is off living the jet-setting corporate lifestyle, so TMan has brought in a special guest by the name of Slim! 118 more words

Video Games

PC games: here are some free titles to discover right now!

If players are searching for interesting PC games, they should look no further. Below are some of the most engaging browser titles and free downloads to try. 183 more words

PC Games

피닉스 저널 - 플레이아데스인 하톤 사령관의 starcraft 에 대한 설명


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1994년 10월 19일, 하톤

빛을 통해 모든 것이 “보이고 들릴” 것입니다

하톤은 ‘생명’ 그 자체이기도 한 ‘빛’ 속에 와 있습니다! 나는 앎과 창조주 하나님을 추구하며, 이 놀라운 빛 속에서 당신들과 함께 걷기 위해 온 것입니다. 204 more words


TvZ: Evolving Mech Style in 4.7.1

Mech is evolving after patch 4.7.1 kicked in. I want to discuss some of the interesting innovations with the current mech style. 2,158 more words