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why Woody Allen should be exterminated from history and our concept of "Art"

I hate Woody Allen with the purest form of hatred–that of one who used to love. Woody Allen was the first director whose entire career I had absorbed: from  1,587 more words

Driven to Distraction

Well, we’re drivin’ this car and the sun is comin’ up over the Rockies,
Now I know she ain’t you but she’s here and she’s got that dark rhythm in her soul.
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Stardust Memories - "A cine-literate celebration..."

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Stardust Memories (Dir. Woody Allen/1980)

This is Woody’s 8 ½. Explicitly, from the monochrome first moments as Sandy Bates (Allen) is trapped in a bus filling up with sand, it is clear Fellini is on his mind. 136 more words

Bitesize Review

The Unsung Heroes of Hollywood: Jessica Harper

While we all adore and root for the stars and starlets of tinseltown, there is a treasure-trove of good men and women who have been integral to the success of all our favorite films. 505 more words

The Unsung Heroes Of Hollywood

something to hang on to

“It was one of those great spring days—a Sunday. You knew summer would be coming soon.”


An examination of Sandy Bates in Woody Allen's STARDUST MEMORIES (1980)

The following is my entry is the “White Swan/Black Swan Blogathon,” being held through Apr. 30 by the movie blog Cinematic Corner. Click on the banner above, and read bloggers’ takes on movie and TV characters with seemingly dual personalities! 946 more words


The future of me, as seen through movies.

Ask almost any teenager about their future, and you’ll get an uneasy laugh or a heavy sigh. Either response reflects one thing: fear. I’m afraid of the future because I have no idea what I will be doing or where I will be going in the next five years. 361 more words