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Pokemon Go - Joe, Did You Know

I know what everyone’s been waiting for….Some Pokemon Go advice from The-Youngest.

He’s watched the videos, read the guides and played around with his ipad a lot, so he’s pretty sure he knows what he’s talking about. 541 more words


Our first look upon arrival in Fort Myers

We first looked at Stardust when she was in Apalachicola, Florida on a freezing, for us, morning after spending the night in Panama City. After hauling our carcasses back to Fort Myers, Sara completed her depreciation tables for this vintage of Sea Ray’s 55′ Sedan Bridge constructed in 1995 through 1998. 501 more words


A Box Full Of Dreams and Nightmares

A beautiful set of Neil Gaiman ready to fill my shelves. Some I’ve read before, some I’ve not, all of which I eagerly look forward to experiencing.


Faith Demystified- Our Place in the Universe

Demystifying Faith – Our Place in the Universe

We are born of the cosmos, and this is not some religious illusion. The iron in our blood and the calcium in our teeth were created in ancient stars that exploded as supernovae, spreading their chemical wealth across the galaxy. 685 more words


Cody Rhodes Reveals The Original Plans For His WWE Feud With Goldust And Rematch With Stephen Amell

Cody Rhodes has been anything but shy about his time in WWE since he left the company. In his statement revealing why he left, Rhodes primarily cited creative differences with WWE, and how they did not want him to drop his Stardust character and go back to being Cody Rhodes. 413 more words


Liebster Award!

Great news! I was nominated by The Whimsical Chick for a Liebster Award! Thank you!

Here are the rules:

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