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To the synonymous.

Because your name has always been more than just a synonym of mine, to me.
Even before I knew what I know.
(Remember when I told you that I loved your name?) 809 more words


If it’s true that we are dust

and that from the moment of birth

we are heading towards death,

then are not all our words… 55 more words


The walls of the well are so steep..
That is where I sleep…
Can hear your voices, from a long distance..
Asking me to climb up a little and I will get stairs.. 135 more words

I Am (Star)Dust

I attended an Ash Wednesday service today. It’s a ritual that helps me to begin the season of Lent. These words touch me deeply every year. 46 more words

Fool's Journey

New Ashes

sermon for Ash Wednesday (Luke5:30-38)

Acacia and I have been working on home improvements as we prepare to move closer, remodeling our house to be lived in. 1,111 more words

Sandman Volume 1: Preludes & Nocturns (4th Gaiman book, kind of)

Much like Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, I’ve had this book for months without reading it because I was afraid I wasn’t going to really enjoy it. 459 more words

Shattered Sky

Sky… night fell shattered,
Rained down, cutting hearts to pieces—
Left dawn mourning, stardust bereft, moon sliced in crescents.

© Azul, 2013