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365 Days of Music, Day 52: Graffiti6 - Colours (2010)

Day 52.  I have to say that someone pointed out to me that if I hadn’t slaved myself away for this ridiculous proposition, that I could write about 365 albums a day for a whole year, and instead set a goal realistic like an album a week, I would be done by now.  494 more words

365 Days Of Music


Well I think this new track from Shining Bird has helped to cement themselves as a band with one of the most anticipated album releases of 2013. 81 more words


Stare into the sun.

Just when you think the song is great, you watch the music video and see that the lead singer’s jaw line is greater. When you think this whole sound experience is as good as it could get, you realise that the psychedelic colours and images are EVEN greater than the song/jaw line combo. 24 more words

Dale Anne Scogings

A Note on Music: Stare Into The Sun

The sun has come out!!! Hooray!!!!!!!! :) :) :) Spring is on it’s way, my friends, Spring is on it’s way…….. This song is great, the video a little wierd, but who cares… it’s cool!!

Graffiti6 Perform Pitch-Perfect Harmonies in the Mix Lounge

British band Graffiti6 brought their blend of alt-rock grooves and soul-inspired pop melodies to the Mix Lounge last Friday. Performing with only two acoustic guitars and bass, the stripped-down sound of the show allowed the band’s infectious vocal harmonies to shine through. 126 more words


Graffiti6 On Writing Songs About Girls

Songwriting is often so personal and many artists liken it to writing in their diary. Graffiti6’s Jamie Scott told CBS Local that he waits to write a song until he feels something. 224 more words