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#80 ... considering ... maybe, what She is doing ...

What is She doing?

(But first this inquiry) Does He have a right (is that the right word(?)- it is such a big word – to visit? 168 more words

The Milieu


On a gravel hill

a crane with a shattered wing

stares into the sun.


telling as stare

eyes as its own dry

and caught

as its own sheer

as its own pure

and alarm

as its own fire

and mood

as its own actions… 47 more words


Humming birds

If you are sitting on a live wire will you start humming after a while?

This Week’s Challenges: August 13 – 19 (OWPC & WW)

Why people stare

I’m in a wheelchair.

I have really loud speakers.

I wear crazy socks.

I dance around town.

I have interesting signs.

I’m sure there are many other reasons, but riding in a wheelchair alone is what prompts many stares. 85 more words

I Have Been Gazing Here

“And if you gaze long enough into
an abyss, the abyss gazes back into you.”

I’ve been gazing here for too long a time
to turn my head away, and for too short a time… 13 more words

Creative Writing

In munte

Ma joc cu pozele reale si stau tot in pijamale.

Ma cufund si ma intrec intre haos si respect.

Ud un gand frecvent sa dau uitare trecutului absent. 75 more words