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Poem: Lost in her stare

You loose yourself somewhere between an embrace and her eyes,

She has abducted the you you once were in her stare,

Forever now you will sought out to find what was once you, 27 more words


Nature - God's Gift To Man

It is of a truth that we have eyes, but we do not actually see; if you do not believe me, this simple test would prove it. 426 more words



I met his gaze but half way through
I could not hold it
So strong, so powerful

It was warm
It made me feel better… 16 more words


When I Stare At You

Tak ku sengaja kita bisa sejauh ini

Saling memendam perasaan yang tak pernah fana akan keberadaannya

Hingga tak kukenal apa itu batasan

Yang tak jua bisa aku tembus, hanya untuk memilikimu… 152 more words


This germ no eye can see

This germ no eye can see,

Nor with the powered lens.

And no mere drug will free

It poisons highest hopes

And sickens the mighty tree. 82 more words