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One Bag of Balloons

I think those balloons cost about $1.87. But of all the activities in which our grandchildren were involved the week of our “Camp 1010,” the balloons were near the top of the list. 898 more words

Jour ne sais quoi

Bit of bad French punning indicates that I’ve lost track of what jour it is and can’t be arsed figuring it out right now.

What a lovely week I had last week with lovely Irmani. 1,018 more words

Journal Du Chien Noir

Purple Sea Monsters Of The Pacific Northwest

Purple Sea Stars and their cousins are no longer called “starfish” because they aren’t fish. They’re Echinoderms, related to sea urchins, sand dollars and sea cucumbers. 893 more words

Intertidal Life

#TheReadingQuest TBR

Today has been awful in terms of news, so I’ve been planning out future blog posts and what I want to read this month. I stumbled across #TheReadingQuest on Twitter, run by the lovely… 394 more words

Akemi Dawn Bowman

ASTEROIDEA | Aquarium Project

| Camera Model: Nikon D5300|    |ISO Speed: 3200|    |Aperture: f/4.5|    |Exposure Time: 1/25 |

We sleep like starfishes in our house!

Well that is to say Little Lady sleeps like a starfish, in my bed, from about 1am, on the sly, and kicks me in my back, and/or face.. 370 more words

My Little Lady And Fierce Knight



Greek plumbing is not the most robust and has difficulties with toilet paper. The result of this is that every loo that I have visited so far has a big sign telling people not to put paper in it and a bin at the side for used paper. 560 more words

Random Thoughts