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Alone #haiku #photography

storm turns the pages

reminders of my past

one starfish remains

Inspired by Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s prompt:  “Inevitable”


I just really love u

myra : the dialogue  between dialogues

langston : because honey sweet I forgot to mention that is what I do every day. good conversation diverted humor and lust… 284 more words

Stars for sale

In Martinique we walked around town. A tiny tiny town with three shops and a market that was open only on Sunday mornings. After mass. 31 more words


On Love and the Islands

I sat there contentedly, stirring my cappuccino, and waiting patiently for Hubby and Big Girl to return.  It was his turn to get the crepes.  I had overeaten yet again, and this time Little Baby decided to stay in her stroller and sleep so I could sit back and enjoy dessert. 314 more words