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Koleksi Mimpi Saya - StarFox


Apa khabar semua.. bila disebut tentang mimpi, kita akan terbayangkan sesuatu samada ianya baik atau buruk.. di sini saya akan nukilkan sedikit demi sedikit tentang mimpi2 yg telah saya lalui sejak zaman kanak2 sehinggalah pada hari ini.. 570 more words


BW's Morning Video Link: Cancelled Games Resurrected

One of the selling points of the SNES Classic is that the cancelled game Starfox 2 was completed and now joins the original on the machine. 47 more words

Video Game Spotlight

Why Does Nintendo hate their Fans!? (Part3)

In my last update on August 4th regarding the SNES Classic, I was less than enthusiastic regarding the upcoming launch of the retro console. Im happy to report even with the seemingly low amount of consoles that reached our local retailers, I had two opportunities where I could have purchased one. 709 more words

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Review | StarFox 2

This review was originally posted on Nintendo Scene on 1st October 2017.

Retro, in all of it’s senses, is having a bit of a revival in recent times. 849 more words


Bit of a rant regarding the negative reactions to Star Fox Assault. Common complaints and my responses to them.

Trying to be as civil as possible. I'm not looking to argue; just defending one of my favorite games that I feel is criminally underappreciated. 752 more words


A tale of two Star Foxes

Sometimes, things get confusing in this hobby. Especially with videogame titles! Occasionally a game’s name or even content has to be changed depending on the region in which it’s being sold. 721 more words

Welcome Post!

Bowser Cosplay

Krystal Starfox Cosplay

Splatoon Inkling Cosplay

Hey everybody! My name is Shauna and I am an artist, cosplayer, and gamer! Video games have always been a big part of my life ever since I played Super Mario World on my Dad’s Super Nintendo when I was just 5 years old.   117 more words