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Coconut Jones Dog by Pipeworks brewing

Rating: 6/6

Coconut Jones Dog by Pipeworks brewing is an 8.5% ABV Sweet/Milk Stout brewed with Coconut, Cocoa Nibs and Vanilla Beans.

Stout with cacao, vanilla bean, natural flavors added…
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Anime Beers :P

My Week: Xenoblade and Starfox

Today, I wanted to write about two games I’d been playing recently: Starfox Zero and Xenoblade Chronicles X. I also wanted to write about a few other things, so I’m basically just writing about my experiences this week. 404 more words


Star Fox Zero Review (WII U)


Starfox zero had a lot of potential and honestly I thought this game would be one of the best games this year. But overall the game was a massive disappointment and even after all it’s delays it still ended up being a disappointing game which sad. 744 more words

A Fox in Space: An Animated Parody on Fox McCloud's unfortunate situation

About a week ago, around the time of the release of Star Fox: Zero, I stumbled upon someone mentioning about an animated parody by the name of “A Fox in Space”. 320 more words

Star Fox Zero (Wii U) Review

An Experience That’s Out of This World

The Star Fox series began on the Super Nintendo as a polygonal on-rails space shooter.  Although primitive by comparison to today’s standards, its graphics and fast-paced behind-the-ship gameplay was revolutionary for its time.  2,281 more words


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Hey everyone! Mr. Panda here, with a brand new review of Star Fox Zero for the Nintendo Wii U! The Star Fox team flies back in with a unique control scheme and a beloved familiar storyline. Find out if it's worth playing in my review! Please check it out and feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments! And don't forget to check out Mike's Star Fox Zero Review for a second look! May the Fox be with You!

Star Fox Zero - Initial Thoughts

I’ve been playing Star Fox Zero just  as much as I can be. Now I have had time to reflect and defeat Andross for the first time I’ve decided to put my thoughts down. 542 more words