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Star Fox Zero & Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Gets November European Release!

That’s Right Folks! it seems that us lucky boys and girls in Europe will be blessed with the release of the newest installment to the… 230 more words


Cranial Strapped Objects, aka: Headpieces.

There is something about putting stuff on top of my head that makes me real happy. Case in point, my accumulation of handmade headpieces, and masks. 428 more words


Hello Guys!

Today I talk about my all time favorite game, Starfox 64 and a few other Starfox games. So like always, Like, Dislike, Comment and Subscribe! 48 more words


The Ground-Breaking Philosophy of Shigeru Miyamoto

Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto is a gentleman who is often celebrated as an industry pioneer, having created so many iconic video game characters over the years. Miyamoto-san, now aged 62 years, got his start with Nintendo… 695 more words


Remembering Iwata

At this time last week, I was – along with the rest of the gaming world – still reeling from the news that broke Sunday evening. 715 more words


So I scrapped my write up

After the hype had cooled from e3 I just lost all reason to do the write up, since a lot of what was on show at the moment is probably not going to be actually implemented in the current builds of the VR and AR systems. 175 more words

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Nintendo's E3 theme: embracing irrelevancy

I have already written about how this year’s E3 had both Microsoft and Sony landing squarely on their feet with stellar presentations. It was refreshing to see distinct and polished showcases that showed the path forward for future games as well as a commitment to loyal fans and established franchises. 915 more words

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