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Rural Life [SGA]

{For violeteyedcat‘s prompt: patriotism, popsicles, picnic}

Atlantis culture was not representative of Earth culture, Elizabeth had told Teyla more than once. “Well, really, there is no such thing as ‘Earth culture’,” she added the week before Teyla’s visit there. 720 more words


Out on a Limb [SGA]

{For timespirt‘s prompt: SGA – loyalty, friendship, danger}

There’s an art to climbing trees. Ronon learned it from one of his cousins, in the early, heady days when Sateda could still pretend to itself that all was well. 201 more words


The Tea Ceremony of Mourning

fanfiction.net – The Tea Ceremony of Mourning

Summary: Ever wonder what the Anthosian mourning tea ceremony was like between Teyla and Rodney? – Rodney’s mistake with Project Arcturus still haunts him. 19 more words


Love & Harmony

fanfiction.net – Love & Harmony

Summary: How Rodney and Harmony eventually got together.

Ships: Rodney/Harmony Mentions of: Ronon/Jennifer
Note: Prequel to “Perfect Harmony”.
Genre: Romance – Rated: T –  Series: Stargate Atlantis


The question of everything

The question of everything

A contemplation on the need to write new rules to be able to change the world for the better led to a contemplation on writing new math and whether there really is a difference between writing new rules and new math. 94 more words


Dave’s Top TV Shows You Just Can’t Miss, Part Four

So, I took a break from this for a review on Avengers: Age of Ultron but I’m back with the penultimate entry in this five part series. 734 more words

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