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FUTUREWORLD airs Friday January 13 8/7c

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Scattered Thoughts

Two Nerds Take On Chicago

You may remember my briefly mentioning a trip to Chicago in last week’s WIP Mountain update. While the trip was back in late September, I have yet to write about it in this space. 1,376 more words

December 19, 2016: It can't get any better than this!

I started my writing career in animation,  After several years of freelancing, I landed a full time job as the Manager of Animation Development at a local studio in Montreal.   428 more words

Film And Television

'Stargate Atlantis' Giveaway this month with Comet TV

For the last two months we have been giving you guys the deeds on the new sci fi network Comet TV. This month one of the beloved sci fi franchises STARGATE ATLANTIS finds it’s home on the channel. 422 more words


Falls the Night [SGA]

I would ’twere bed-time, Hal, and all well. – Henry IV, pt. 1, V.i

There is (was, will be) a boy running through the grass. Blue sky overhead, green grass underfoot; the boy runs. 5,399 more words


If / And / Or [SGA]

For timespirt‘s prompt “SGA John/Rodney – computer, trapped, rescue”

1. (John, computer)

John stumbled across the not-Tetris game buried in the ‘jumper programming completely by accident, in the middle of a crisis that had him madly scrolling through menus and options in the hope of locating something to take care of giant, impossible metal-eating alien spiders. 412 more words


A pair of prompt ficlets [SGA]

Not for the first time, John entertained the possibility that Rodney’s claims that Carson actually practiced voodoo instead of medicine. Because really, was there any other reason to draw so much blood? 365 more words