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Celebrity Crushes and the misery that comes with them.

Everyone’s got one or more celebrity crush(es), and I’m no exception. I find myself downloading and watching films I’ve never even heard of, just to see my crush, no matter how short his screen time is. 235 more words


a select few will understand the significance of this IOTD. :D 


Things I'm Loving - June 2015

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I have been relaxing so much this summer that it’s just slipping by me so quickly! I’ve really been in that mode where I forget what day of the week it is and when I actually go to schedule a meeting with someone, I realize it’s already half way through July and wasn’t it just June?? 702 more words

Things I'm Loving

Throwback Thursday: "Stargate: Atlantis"

Stargate: Atlantis

OVERALL: Since Hubby and I were rewatching Stargate: SG-1, we naturally had to move on to Stargate: Atlantis. I remembered that I liked this show but what is funny is that I am enjoying way more this time than before. 375 more words

Throwback Thursday

Rural Life [SGA]

{For violeteyedcat‘s prompt: patriotism, popsicles, picnic}

Atlantis culture was not representative of Earth culture, Elizabeth had told Teyla more than once. “Well, really, there is no such thing as ‘Earth culture’,” she added the week before Teyla’s visit there. 720 more words


Out on a Limb [SGA]

{For timespirt‘s prompt: SGA – loyalty, friendship, danger}

There’s an art to climbing trees. Ronon learned it from one of his cousins, in the early, heady days when Sateda could still pretend to itself that all was well. 201 more words