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TGA's 200th Post!

By Marie-Pierre Renaud

Just like Stargate SG-1, we’ve finally reached the 200th mark!

Of course, we don’t have as much budget as MGM did when there were producing… 324 more words


Honoring Our Service Members

Last night I had a conversation with self-identified Texas Evangelicals from Houston. It was quite an uncomfortable conversation given how knowledgeable I am of what certain groups think of me because of my identity (gay, pro-choice, feminist, etc.).  222 more words


SG1-15: Singularity

On a planet struck by a mysterious disease, SG-1 finds the sole survivor to be a young girl named Cassandra.  Sam bonds with Cassandra, even as they discover a Goa’uld plot against them that uses her as its focal point. 2,135 more words

Stargate SG-1


The jokes just unintentionally write themselves sometimes. 48 more words


Lord Snark Recap GOT Ep 5.4 Sons of the Harpy

So we start out on Some Beach
With Ser Jorah knocking out a random dude, leaving behind coins for a boat rental. And that’s why I never advertise anything on Craigslist. 447 more words


SG1-14: Cor-Ai

For this episode, the show becomes Law & Order: Interplanetary Division when the team arrives on a planet Teal’c has previously visited when First Prime to Apophis. 1,354 more words

Stargate SG-1

SG1-13: Hathor

Problems arise when a female Goa’uld arrives on base, who has the ability to mind-control men. 1,758 more words

Stargate SG-1