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SG7-15: Chimera

Osiris invades Daniel’s dreams.  Meanwhile, Sam has a new boyfriend. 2,889 more words

Stargate SG-1

SG7-14: Fallout

Jonas goes to his old teammates to help avert an apocalypse on his planet. 2,765 more words

Stargate SG-1

SG7-13: Grace

Sam ends up injured and alone on the Prometheus. 3,197 more words

Stargate SG-1

SG7-12: Evolution, Part 2

Jack and a former friend head into the jungle.  Sam, Teal’c, Bra’tac, and Jacob/Selmak journey to Tartarus to prevent more Kull Warriors from being made. 3,144 more words

Stargate SG-1

SG7-11: Evolution, Part 1

SGC encounters a new type of ‘foot soldier’ created by Anubis. 2,915 more words

Stargate SG-1

Oh Teal'c

As a kid, I loved Stargate SG-1. I rewatch it every now and again. Like right now. Even with it’s passable points, it’s totally racist and colonialist. 251 more words

Elia's Diamonds

SG7-10: Birthright

The team tries to form an alliance with a group of female Jaffa. 3,218 more words

Stargate SG-1