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Starkey Hearing Institute geopend in Zambia

In mei 2016 is in Zambia het eerste Starkey Hearing Institute geopend. Slechts een handjevol audiologen hebben tot dusver hoorzorg kunnen leveren in de sub-Sahara Afrika, maar de World Health Organization schat in dat meer dan 36 miljoen mensen in de regio gehoorproblemen hebben. 298 more words


Writing with my daughter

Last summer, State Fair time, Greta and I were asked to write a blog piece about mothers and daughters and hearing loss. After some thought we got something written and gave it to Starkey. 1,044 more words

Mourning dove

Often in church, Karen will sketch on her worship bulletin while the preacher’s preaching.

Of course, I used to think this made me—the one who takes notes during the sermon, or at least writes out why the sermon has flaws—holier. 227 more words

Save The Frogs events in California

I hope you can join me at one of our upcoming SAVE THE FROGS! events, where you will learn all about amphibians, have a great time and meet some fellow frog lovers. 759 more words


Ph1, Context & Narrative part 5, 513323 Project 1 setting the scene / research / exercise

Setting the scene / Research point

I have not seen Goodfellas so had no pre-conceptions when watching this clip. It is immediately clear that this is a man of influence and also a man who likes to get his own way, doesn’t like waiting and is (and needs to be seen to be) important. 1,866 more words


A Reason For Hope

Wildlife conservationists face an array of overwhelming obstacles. How do you maintain hope and optimism for the future, and what advice can you give young conservationists to continue being optimistic? 415 more words

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