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Starkey Hear Now: Complete!

Hey! So, as I’ve posted about before, I applied to Starkey’s Hear Now program, and I was approved! I picked up my hearing aids yesterday, May 19th, and let me tell ya, it’s a huge difference in sound from my previous ones. 84 more words

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Starkey Hear Now: Update 2

So! I received a letter in the mail informing me that I have been approved for hearing aid assistance! This won’t be a long post. 46 more words

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#33 of All the Things- Headphones

Did you know that 360 million people have a disabling hearing loss? Many of those could be helped if they had enough money for hearing aids.  213 more words


Starkey Hear Now: Update 1

So, in my last post, I explained what’s required for the program. I did learn, however, that you don’t need to get an audiogram from a Hear Now provider- you only need an audiogram that’s less then 9 months old, and you can take it to the Hear Now provider, and have them sign off on it, on the HN paperwork. 111 more words

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Starkey Hear Now

So, my hearing aids are starting to really give up the ghost. They get about 4-6 hours out of fresh batteries, and to top it off, my hearing has changed significantly. 328 more words

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Daily Footprint, #11 – Ethical and Sustainable Headphones

When my old iPod earbuds finally expired and went to the big Apple in the sky, I decided to search for a replacement that had a relatively positive social and/or environmental impact. 1,002 more words

Cornhole Goes Philanthropic

On Saturday October 15th, Northeastern sorority Delta Zeta held their semesterly philanthropy event supporting Starkey, which provides hearing aids to those hard of hearing domestically and throughout the world. 87 more words

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