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Bullies Of The Feeders

This morning I was distracted from my reading by activity on the bird feeders.

Goldfinches, as usual, spilled more seed than they consumed;

they had to wait their turn on the sunflower seeds… 142 more words

The Starling Crew

A few years ago, a guy who was doing some work for us gave us a traffic light. It’s a real traffic light, which has been re-wired so that when you plug it into an ordinary outlet, all three lights come on. 91 more words


evening walk

the small dog and I out
for a late evening walk, stopped
by the sound of a thousand wings

starlings in their blessed murmuration
whir and whirl in temptations of flight… 25 more words


Spring Equinox

Today marks the spring equinox, the start of astrological Spring. As we bid farewell to the cold, dark days of winter and welcome instead the warmth and colours of the new season, we also bid a fond farewell to the starlings. 156 more words


A Riddle a Day, Day 2

I love crows. I throw out grain and seeds for them in the winter. When they see me coming, they call to each other. I think they’re saying, “Here she is!” 331 more words