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Sweeping Statements

Since the summer, observers of American current events have been treated to instance after instance of violent confrontations between police officers and members of the public. 1,025 more words


Odd Ducks Wearing Feathers On Our Heads

He’s going to write about band again.

Well?? If you read this blog at all, you kinda know that’s a large part of where I live. 1,633 more words


It's Not Me ... It's Not Me ... It's Them

So, as my Facebook news feed has been making unequivocally and poignantly obvious for the last twenty-four hours or so … the membership of the UMass marching band community is marking the fourth anniversary of the passing of George Parks. 1,010 more words


Hi Mom

This little Internet meme graphic got me to thinking, recently.


The winter storm that rumbled through the Northeast last weekend got me to thinking, also. 991 more words

Starred Thoughts

A Uniter, Not a Divider

Last week I did the online-writing equivalent of setting off a mousetrap in a warehouse full of ’em. Made a Facebook status full of a comment that was faintly political, but (I thought) more about manners than policy. 445 more words


You Never Know

The beginning of a new school year is full of new realities, new routines, new understandings, and sometimes new locations.

Most of the time I meet all this newness with a mixture of happy anticipation (what sort of remarkable events are upcoming?) and stressful anticipation (until I’ve seen my classes and ensembles, I wonder what exactly I’ll need to do to engage them all year … even if a class is full of miserable behavior, once I know what they look like, I can formulate the strategy; so the run-up to Day One feels like I’m gunning the engine without letting out the clutch pedal). 569 more words


Would It Kill You?

Half a month ago, I took a trip which represented the first time I’ve become a turista unaccompanied by any other person (aside from the thousands of people I passed while walking about). 1,047 more words

Famous Persons