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The Death of Stars

It was the age of the Apocalypse.

Stars, worlds were descending into choas.

Two beings, suspended in the void watched from the protection of a sparkling, blue glow. 406 more words


Melodic Monday (poetry) #3

The Son, the Moon, and the Stars

The son and the moon brought to life and being, one after the other in times of confusion and necessity with passion, fear, and expectations of endless love. 492 more words

Mental Health

Recitations for Night and Sea

My hands are holding branches of the Douglas firs, and by haloed moon
I carry them to the rims of the sighing sea.

These are my alms that I lay unto the waters, light by light, 303 more words


First contact, venturing into the unknown

Night time can be a daunting, scary and unappealing to most when it comes to adventuring. Most people during these times go to clubs or parties, where everything is lit up and people do the same old thing. 250 more words

Falling Star or Meteor Shower?

I have to wonder if the world is destined to be.
To answer yes, just seems too cruel.
I’d rather not be destined, to be. 124 more words


How to Give Rewards at VIPKID (for Interviewing and New Teachers)

The reward system is an integral part of the VIPKID classroom.  It rewards the student for doing a good job, acts as a behavior incentive, helps maintain control in a virtual classroom (where you are thousands of miles from your student), and adds some fun to a sometimes stressful situation (for the student). 958 more words


MATHS BITE: Stars and Bars

A common problem in combinatorics is when we are asked to count the number of ways to group identical objects, such as placing indistinguishable balls into labelled urns. 144 more words