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More have left already--

I stopped by to read what Kendall ( one of our member’s) said concerning Dick Gregory and Jerry Lewis. They were gifted entertainers, but Dick Gregory really kept us in check. 95 more words

Tracing Constellations

One of May’s posts for the stargazers over at PsychicsForetell.  

I’ve only recently begun to study the science of the stars.  I used to kind of think astrology was, well, a little hokey.  554 more words

Silence // Going Through the Motions

Waves crash and crash

Always moving in rhythm


We clap and clap always to the beat in our heads


Cars drive and drive always toward a specific desination… 130 more words

Total Solar Eclipse 21 Aug 2017

A total solar eclipse passes through the West Coast of the USofA to the South East Coast on the 21 of Aug 2017.


Memories. For ever (changing)…

Conventional memories used in today’s computers only differentiate between the bit values 0 and 1. In quantum physics, however, arbitrary superpositions of these two states are possible. 335 more words

Haiku Favourites

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

She bangs her son’s runners together,
turns them over.
Sand falls and falls.


roadside: all day,
teens in school uniforms… 100 more words


The Power Of An Eclipse

An eclipse of humanity rising. An out of this world mass-viewing bringing us together for one purpose, one awesome sight, one awe-inspiring event –  something that is harmoniously making all of us do one thing at the same time – no matter our diversity, beliefs, opinions, color of our skin, our identity, or who we choose to love. 352 more words