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Starlight Drawn by Clouds

I’ve never really felt small looking up at the stars. People talk about that, and it’s something I myself have tried to understand in the past – whenever you feel like your problems are huge, look up at the sky and see that you’re just a tiny speck of a thing in the universe that never stops going. 299 more words



From my deepest purple depths
On sunny summer afternoons
I choke on syrup-like air
And when I look up
The stars twinkle in chorded tones… 43 more words


Song of a Starry Sky

If there are two things I want people to know about me before we become friends, is that I love train ridesĀ and that I prefer nights to days. 171 more words


Pinterest party planning for a first birthday

Cake, banners, balloons, bunting, food, cups, plates, napkins, games, and party bags are just some of the stuff that can appear on your endless list when planning a first birthday party. 830 more words


A New Heaven?

For some people, they cannot come to grips with the fact that this earth will pass away. Like the 2 Peter 3:3-4 says, they scoff that the world has continued since the beginning and thus nothing will change. 324 more words


Mysteries in Mind

I am an eddy in the stream,
a winding of water,
and I unwind, unhurriedly,
bemused 144 more words