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Christmas Special of The Day -1958

Being a transplanted Brit in Canada, I still have roots in England. I bleed tea, and am still proud of being born in England, although I am now a Canadian citizen. 11 more words


How Far Is Everything?: A Guide To Driving To The Edge Of The Universe.

This, is us; Earth, the planet where your entire life and the lives of everyone you know take place. Unless you’re an astronaut I suppose. 1,601 more words


Fan Girl Friday!

Its the weekend, y’all and we about to get craaaaaazy up in here! And by “crazy” I mean change into some jammie pants, eat some pizza, and go to bed early! 297 more words

483 Parallax Measurement of Distance

How do we measure distance to stars? The answer is we have to use several techniques depending on the distance to the star we wish to measure. 195 more words


About Face

Osamo Tezuka is known as the Father, Godfather and/or God of manga (and not just in Japan, the ‘home’ of manga). Tezuka is also known as the Japanese Walt Disney, in part for the techniques pioneered by Tezuka in manga and anime (Japanese cartoons), for redefining genres and for an amazingly prolific output, much like Walt Disney. 903 more words


NASA: Whistler Waves

Nov. 15, 2017

FIREBIRD II and NASA Mission Locate Whistling Space Electrons’ Origins


Article excerpt follows, click above for full article and to hear the recording of whistler waves. 157 more words


About The Great Clockwork of Heaven and Earth

This book is a brief working thesis that sets the foundation of research that sets out a clear relationship between the electromagnetic forces influencing our planet and solar system and the information communicated in the artifacts and architecture of ancient cultures.  315 more words