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Ancient Starlight

Ancient starlight
On cloudless night
Plays upon
A formless sea.

Cerulean glow
Now darkest blue;
Bright glow of day
Now deepest hue.

Waves reach up, 77 more words


Moon poems 76 - If Only

If Only

If only you could read
These verses that I write for you
If only I could teleport myself
Across dimensions to be with you… 34 more words


Moon poems 75 - Blooming moon

Blooming moon

When the moon blooms
Like a bud into a flower
Smiling its most perfect smile
In the vast open sky
All the stars are insignificant… 6 more words


Night’s beauty

The world is silent around her
The balance of life and death
Purity of a winter, the sky dazzles
Millions of twinkling lights
Past, present, future, indistinguishable.

You know that hazy moment

You know that hazy moment just between sleep and wake? When the stars sing their morning song and the moon rises to play? Just before sweet dreams knock at your door and whisk you off to some unknown land of dancing and wishes? 21 more words



I think about the stars sometimes.

In the infinite night sky, they keep burning their energy. They give hope, fill us with a strange kind of bliss. 73 more words


Sunday arrives too soon...

Slightly more positive blog tonight.

I woke around 10 after a lovely nights sleep. Am on quite strong meds that knock me out.

Hubby made brunch then he went to collect boychild1 from my sister’s. 276 more words