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Chaos of Old

I had a realization, it grabbed a hold of me.

I didn’t see it coming, it was as large as a full grown tree.

The old days were for yesterday, the practices of old; 101 more words

Let's start again

I started The Hard Sell as a way of trying to write more often, and it was a success for a while. Like so many other things, it fell away when I went into full time employment; but also out of ennui at my own and at the general British political situation. 200 more words



Last week I was reading a blog I started to follow recently. Someone wrote about people being emotional and logical. This reminded me of myself, who I was, how I was, how I wanted to be, how I turned out to be, how it made me happy, how it made me cry, how it made me pay and how it turned me into a stone. 648 more words


New start! Fresh and happy!

So.. It’s been… Quite a while again.

I had almost forgotten about this! I don’t kniw how or why I got lost along the way! But while sorting out my inbox, deleting all these countless emails with “SALE!” Written all over them, giving you the newest sales and best bargains; And all these mails that have been sitting in my inbox for a lot longer than needed, I stumbled across a wordpress mail telling me there was a comment on one of my posts. 239 more words


[Throwbacks] [House / EDM Origins:] Kaskade - Start Again (feat. Becky Jean Williams) // [Trance/Prog. House:] Kaskade - Human Reactor (feat. Polina)

Start Again – Kaskade feat. Becky Jean Williams

Kaskade’s iconic Dynasty album helped propel him into the forefront as EDM music was coming up around 2008. 129 more words


#1 You Didn't Know Existed "Start Again" - Conrad Sewell

By Josh Schonfeld

Only one month after his sister, Grace Sewell, reached the pinnacle of the Australian music charts with “You Don’t Own Me,” Conrad Sewell ascended to the top with his melodramatic requiem of an ending relationship, … 314 more words

Pop Music

Sometimes, people don't want help

So I haven’t heard from the guy in a few days. I did text him to continue talking but never heard back. I guess sometimes a person wants what they want even if the other person doesn’t want the same thing. 106 more words