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Eight months later

I’m amazed of how hope can trick you, but is it really hope or something else? Madness?

It’s been eight months since I had the worst crisis with my husband.   1,124 more words


Review: Start Again #1

In it’s simplest form, Start Again is a boy meets girl story, except the boy is really a superhero who doesn’t tell the girl and she finds out during their one-night stand. 432 more words


Courage, Humor, Grace – the mighty three!


Start Again.

​We had moments that took to the wind,

We had laughter’s that got lost in the storm,

We had aspirations that sunk beneath the currents… 52 more words


You weren't any different 

You cursed him for how he made me feel, you witnessed as I let him go and you condemned him for making me feel that way. 104 more words

Clean Again

Let the streams of the worlds river

Cleanse my face

Let it unearth

The rotten clumps of my being

Let me start anew

Let my dreams be clean


Start Again by J. Saman

Rating: 5/5

Synopsis: After losing everything I love, there is no way I can start again. But that’s exactly what I need to do. My plan? 315 more words

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