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Back On Track?

It has been almost a month since I have posted on my blog. The negativity I had been feeling was getting to be quite overwhelming and although writing about it was cathartic, it was far too much to put it out there. 721 more words

Romance After the Wedding: Are We Expecting Too Much?

We all long for the passion and romance of when we first fell in love. In the early days of a budding love story, romantic moments are all over the place. 918 more words



It’s been a while.


Skimming back through those last few blogs there, it hits me just how different things are from when I was last here. 213 more words

Personal Blog

May 13th, 2017 - Musical Truths

Picking up the pieces that they left you in again
Love is all you want, but you’re never gonna feel the same
It’s hard to be yourself when everyone around is changing… 156 more words

Music For The Road


has it always been this way?
these spiders, these beetles, that bumbling buzz of can’t-see
these crawling sensations,
that itching skinfire scratch,
the imaginary skitter of not-there inching up pale fresh-from-winter skin… 149 more words


The resurrection… 

Ok, so we had a strong start! So strong that I needed a 3 year break. But MAN do we have a lot to talk about! 57 more words

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