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Don't Forget

Don’t stop just because it seems tough. I had packed away my fashion collection and saved it for when my passion would return. Too many years of fighting made me forget the love of it all. 197 more words

Mix it up...

I spoke recently in my post ‘Reinvent’ about how I’d admired David Bowie’s ability to change his look/image as frequently as most of us change our bedding.   143 more words


Some mornings it feels like one of the very first few days.
I wake up while it’s still dark out, and I can feel it. 19 more words

alright hey

so, yeah I’ve been away for like a really long time

I don’t really have any sort of explaination for my absence except for the fact that for the last couple of months I have been in a really strange and somewhat depressing mental state. 108 more words


5 Biggest Mistakes

All of my gardening is trial and error (although I am now ably assisted by a great RHS book!)

I realised a few things reading this. 304 more words

And so it began...

This is pretty much our garden. As you can see we have a small patio 4×4 slabs across. Just out of shot to the right is the shed and washing line, and behind the shed (and garage which is next to it) there is more garden. 273 more words