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Jett Reviews Daron's Guitar Chronicles by Cecilia Tan

Susan sent me the link for a book tour. We’re totally willing to do them here at The Rock of Pages… so long as the books are Rock Fiction. 731 more words


Among Savages - Start at the Beginning

Brooding, pulsing strings set the scene for an initially downbeat (but beguiling) song, with beautiful arrangement and production.  The vocals are assured and delivered with real control but it’s when the big ending comes in, that it shifts up a gear. 9 more words

I Listened To This Today


HI!  I don’t even have the SLIGHTEST idea on how to really start this thing out.  The whole “tell us about yourself” idea always threw me off.  545 more words


Sun Up


Sometimes, it’s about beginning at the beginning.

With the sun rise.  Seen through the misty morning air as it condensed on a pane of glass. 9 more words


The beginning; the best place to start.

Today, I wrestled with the most frustrating (conceptual) opponent; simplicity. It is the Jackie Chan of nouns – turning an elaborate choreography of ideas into something so remarkably, comically effortless. 470 more words



An odd note is that the “Don’t Break the Chain” technique is attributed to Jerry Seinfeld. The reason I find this amusing is because of how much I loathed that guy’s show back when he was on TV. 374 more words

Start At The Beginning

Right, well, that was unpleasant.

I’d actually just written a pretty extensive list of reasons why I haven’t been posting at for the last couple months. 271 more words