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The magic drink to start your day

So WHAT could a magic drink be? XXXL espresso? Green smoothie? Juice? Close- but no…

Ok, so let me back up. I know I talk A LOT about morning routines, how I start my day, what gets me going, etc… because let’s face it, getting going in the mornings when you have a laundry list of responsibilities for the day can be hard sometimes. 367 more words


Stop The World, I Want To Get Off... Or At Least Make It A Much Better Ride - By Marc

We wake… Sometimes with a pounding headache… or maybe even some dread… If we watched the news the night before and drifted off to that, some horrible stories may have affected our dreams… and may still be carrying themselves over into the new day. 864 more words

5 Techniques I Use to Stay Organised

Since university began, I’ve become quite addicted to organisational methods and ways to improve my organisation techniques. If you’d like to check out the extent to my research, you can find it all on my  554 more words


5 Habits To Help You Start The Day Right

For many of us, waking up early in the morning is a difficult task. I know I struggle to wake up as early as 7am when I have classes. 629 more words

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Morning Meditation V.

I enjoy listening to podcasts and language learning and music often but there is a time in the morning when I want that perfect silence. That sound of morning. 485 more words

Good Morning Beautiful Happy Chaotic World

Good Morning Beautiful Happy Chaotic World,

It’s time to rise and shine, another beautiful happy day awaits us. But the 1st step is to get out of bed.   254 more words

Start The Day

Three Ways to Improve Your Morning

While some of us are naturally inclined to be ‘morning people’ and others are not, everyone likes a little boost in the morning to get things off to a good start. 724 more words