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Tôi khá ngạc nhiên khi thấy bài viết Vài dòng khi làm việc cho Start-up được nhiều người đọc. Tôi viết nó cách đây 2 năm, từ đó đây nay vẫn đều đặn có người vào đọc. 1,243 more words

Xanh Xanh

Washing machine

Have you ever felt vindicated? Have you ever had an idea that everyone laughed at only for it to come a reality? Well, it looks like I have. 287 more words


Are Your Emails Getting Past The Screen Door?

Are you emails getting past the screen door!
Are you getting BOUNCE rates!

Here is a few tips to help you get in the inbox. 672 more words

Advertising & Marketing

The Uncomfortable Truth About Being an Entrepreneur

(Source: http://www.inc.com) I often liken the entrepreneurial journey to parenting; no matter how much you study it, observe it in others, ask for advice, prepare for it, or convince yourself that you’re ready for it there is simply no substitute for doing it.

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Signs that your business needs Outsourcing

No one is perfect in this competitive world. People gets trained in the process of work. But in the dynamic changing world, learning can be time consuming. 29 more words