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Last Weekend's Start Up Party

Each Spring our Model A club finds a Model A that has not run for a long time and records how long before the “swarm” can get it going. 50 more words

Hobby Trading Losses

You might think you have a business, but HMRC can disagree with you. If HMRC considers that you are never going to make a profit, they will also refuse any loss relief. 396 more words


5 Pelajaran Yang Bisa Anda Dapatkan Dari "Entrepreneur Kecil"

Memang sebaiknya Anda mendorong anak Anda untuk belajar entrepreneurship sejak mereka masih kecil. Walaupun sekilas terlihat enteng dan menggemaskan, namun dalam prosesnya terdapat banyak pelajaran yang membuat banyak orang dewasa menyesal karena mereka tidak mengetahuinya sejak masih kanak-kanak, termasuk Anda mungkin. 955 more words


Limited Edition Kinetics have arrived!

I received my order of Limited Edition Kinetic lights from Futuristic Lights today! I suspect that others who ordered Limited Edition sets will be getting theirs in the mail very soon also (the company started shipping on Tuesday—I got mine fast because I’m in the same county as they shipped from). 521 more words

Chasing Unicorns and the Start-Up Dream. By Anna Nadolna

Anna Nadolna explores the startup experience with past finalists of the annual Discovering Start-Ups Competition, showcasing disruptive projects that prove the start-up dream is totally worth pursuing. 876 more words


Zinc Shower 2015


Zinc Shower es el gran meeting show de la economía creativa y colaborativa, una cita anual que convierte a Madrid en centro neurálgico del emprendimiento y la innovación.

52 more words

Groupon Co-Founder Brad Keywell on Chicago's Innovators

Groupon Co-Founder Brad Keywell joins Justin at the Big Table for an in-depth conversation about Chicago’s technology scene, being an entrepreneur, start-up innovators, disruption and failure, and Chicago Ideas Week. 9 more words

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