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True Struggle of Creating Something from Absolutely Nothing- Part 2

I tell my story as what it is, you have been warned.

If you haven’t read the previous blog, I am sharing my experience of running a very young business from scratch. 593 more words

Personal Experience

Innovation Vs Entrepreneurship

Innovation = doing something new

James Wright reacted boric acid with silicone oil in 1943.  This resulted in a rubbery substance which bounced when dropped, but was also stretchy and gooey.  190 more words

Random Thoughts

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Starting a new company is not a trifling matter.  Here are a few missteps to avoid:

  1. Neglect the support of your relative: Before you embark on a start-up project, it is important to properly obtain the support of your family and spouse.  
  2. 876 more words

How important is your Start-up's website?

We have reached the age where internet trumps TV (proof: I do not even own a TV) and as such, having a website is essential for any business… 812 more words


Make a career shift to Mobile technology

Every developer once in a while in a career goes this phase of switching technologies for Skill enhancement and ensure longetivity in the domain

Mobile domain is certainly a market to plunder with the recent times. 140 more words


Exclusive Features : Meet The Founder Behind Abayaholic

When I first met Mumtahana Elahi, it was back in August 2012 when I first added her on Facebook. She had a unique sense of style that was different from her age. 1,241 more words


A Beginning Long Overdue

Hi! I’m Kevin Murphy, sometimes and probably better known as ‘kaymo’. I was a semi-professional video gamer on Hearthstone over the past few years, but I have since stopped playing and have moved on to better things. 96 more words