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Be simple for complexity

Common sense is pretty uncommon in people. It is how simple you think that makes the complicated problem simple. The post talks about study on complex thinking. 22 more words


Journey Logging - Jlogging?

A few years ago i set out on a journey i have never been on before, and much like travel bloggers that document their travels in to unchartered territories i also began to keep a video diary of my experiences. 304 more words

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Make your brand stand out 

Branding of the product and service helps to position the company in the industry. People take marketing actions but forget to portray the right brand image. 34 more words


Reinvent The Wheel

How many websites have you read about making money? How many books have you flipped through learning what works for others? How much of the knowledge have you applied to your own success? 544 more words

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All good things...

I’m currently lying in my Airbnb in Mumbai, a city which has sucked me in, spun me around and thrown me back out again! I realise I am extremely late to write about my last week Hyderabad but hey.. 760 more words

8 excusas que los mexicanos usan cuando se trata de negocios

Las cosas nunca van a ser perfectas. Siempre habrá excusa pero ¿no crees que es mejor olvidarte de la perfección y cometer errores que seguir esperando? 1,165 more words

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How to improve networking with people

Networking in events is one of the well known techniques used by the corporates for building relations and leading business opportunity. The writer has given twist in the traditional way of networking. 37 more words