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Did you get your wake-up call ?

It took me a while – but I did realize few years ago as to why I am just an ordinary soul but not meant to be. 218 more words

Life And Relationships

Hello everyone

Its been a while I hope you are working on making your dreams a reality. I just wanted to catch up and say that I am grateful to be here I had a health issue that but I am blessed to have pulled through and have been busy freelancing and building a foundation. 55 more words


The Psychological price of starting a business

Perhaps the easiest job in the world is to give advice to people, especially the first time entrepreneur community who are constantly seeking inputs from any source they can get access to and there is no shortage of advice either on the world wide web or the millions of books that are available to help people become rich overnight. 599 more words

Life And Relationships

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9 Writing Rules Worth Breaking


There are just so many of them.

I don’t just mean rules in the writing world. I’m talking about house rules, school rules, work rules, industry rules… It literally feels like everywhere we turn there’s someone waiting to say… 673 more words


Why you should hire failed start up founders ?

Why hire failed entrepreneurs ?  It’s obvious – successful entrepreneurs wouldn’t want to go back to find a job in the corporate world. Failed entrepreneurs most likely would have suffered a financial loss and have got a family to support and bills to pay and hence they will explore opportunities to go back to corporate world. 464 more words

Life And Relationships

Uncle Fester says, "Focus on the customer!" Snap snap.

Last week I had lunch with a member of the leadership team of an e-commerce company I am advising. I love these lunches for I get to hear about the challenges, provide a point of view, suggest an action plan, but I’m not responsible to drive the implementation. 639 more words

Eric Dunstan

The Art of Conversation: 5 Real Life Conversation Skills to Take to Social Media

What should I say? How do I approach people? What am I doing?

These were the questions floating around in my mind when I started using social media. 815 more words