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To my fellow 1st-time entrepreneur

I know that you want it as hell to succeed!

I know that you will spend too much time attending networking events and listening the success stories that will only fuel up your passion to keep going. 202 more words


Do you need a push to achieve your goals ?

The reality is that all humans procrastinate. There is no need to feel bad about it. In fact, my view is there is nothing bad about any of our emotions. 549 more words

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When it comes to start-ups don’t fall for “If you build it they will come”

Working with start-up and early stage companies is interesting and full of unknowns and yes that’s the fun part of the challenge!   What almost all startups share is a passion for excellence, a cool idea and… 521 more words

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Supply chain solutions for small and mid market segments

While most enterprise customers  are well versed with the issues that plague their supply chain inventor problems a have  some  kind of  solution to tackle compliance. 146 more words


A Step-by-step Guide to Creating Your Own Twitter Chat

Twitter chats have really been taking off lately. You’ll see a new one cropping up all the time. They’re one of the best forms of online community building by creating a space for people to share their ideas on any given industry topic. 1,631 more words


Easy to say 'Never give up' - Hard not to

I must have read almost 1/3rd  of all the motivational websites on the internet that motivates you not to give up on your dreams.

I wondered what does it take to write a 500-word posts on why you should not give up – a laptop and someone who has great writing skills. 280 more words

Life And Relationships

With financial independence being the goal, ‘Jai’ trains visually and physically disabled uneducated adults

Posted by Mayank Agarwal, 11:59 PM, September 16, 2015

Nagaraju, who is now 20 years, was born blind to a farmer in a small village in the Mahabubnagar district. 395 more words

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