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Whatever you want to do, Just Start.

You already know what this post is about.

This is that little nagging voice in the back of your mind that keeps telling you to  474 more words


Our partner speaks: Sri Lanka beyond 2035

Written by Eranda Ginige, founder of Social Enterprise Lanka.

Where are we heading? What’s going to happen to us in the next five years, ten years, twenty years…? 1,319 more words

Sri Lanka

Stressing Over Vesting?

I had a brief exchange on Twitter with my friend and former colleague, Elad Gil, last week, when he mentioned that he has seen increase in vesting periods for startup stock. 727 more words


10 Blogging mistakes that are hurting your reputation & costing you time

You’ve been blogging for a while.

You’re putting in the hours and trying to make sure that every post is valuable to your readers. In short; you’re working harder than you’ve ever worked before. 1,359 more words


How microfinance is going mobile – and why an East African start up is leading the way

By Hallvard Barbogen, Content Manager.

Even though microfinance and mobile seems like a match made in heaven, it hasn’t quite taken off yet. But now a US-Kenyan start-up is taking the lead. 659 more words

Career Breaks for Entrepreneurs

Written by Paul Wallace.

Sounds like a bit of an anathema: surely people who run their own businesses work hard and don’t have time for luxuries such as career breaks? 625 more words

Immersion Programme

We’re Just Not That Into You -- Surviving This And Other Letdowns From Potential Customers

As a startup founder, you are probably spending a fair amount of time in sales mode. For those founders without prior sales or business development experience and pre-sales hires, the process can be unsettling and confusing. 1,332 more words