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Startups are from Mercury, Bigcos are from Jupiter -- How to build a match made in the heavens

I’ve worked at startups, big companies, startups that became big companies, you get the picture. Upon reflection, during a lot of that time I’ve been an interpreter, translating startup and big company needs to their counterparts in the hopes of the trite yet elusive “win-win” relationship. 2,087 more words


What's age got to do with it?

In a world where I am constantly fighting against gender difference, vehemently arguing much of what is perceived as differences is very much a nurture issue – I shall now proceed to write a blog on gender differences in start ups – although, as ever, nothing is black and white. 445 more words

Economic Empowerment

How to Hire Expert Extended Teams - Like an Expert!

Last week I wrote about different types of Know-It-Alls — and heard some great feedback from readers — thank you!

In that post, I alluded to the potential problem of distinguishing between… 1,663 more words


Whizzle - watsapp for business

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed below are completely my own and my initial impression about the application.

I stumbled upon a new app called Whizzle today. Its literally watsapp for businesses. 844 more words


Know-It-Alls? No More! When to Avoid the Search for Right Answers.

One of my favorite recurring Saturday Night Live characters from the Phil Hartman days is “Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.” Hartman tells the jury:

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I’m just a caveman.

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6 basic things to take care before you start-up

There are a plethora of things one needs to take care before starting up. Lets look at few very important things that one needs to take care. 411 more words


What do investors look for in a start-up

Its not just internet start-ups, any start-up is funded based on few basic criteria. When you are pitching your business plan to a VC, it is better to showcase these criteria. 343 more words