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Three Sorry Excuses for Startups

A few weeks back I wrote about how big companies need to cut startups some slack on their “should haves,” because with limited resources, startups are brutally prioritizing their “must-haves.” 1,476 more words


Stop Selling. Right Now.

Stereotypical salespeople are always selling. They’re aggressive; they never take no for an answer; they are always supposed to be closing.

But your best salespeople know when to stop selling: 955 more words


Creating Your Minimum Viable Company Culture

A few weeks ago I met with co-founders of a company I advised, which was recently acquired. They’re tasked with exponential growth — and as part of the deal have the resources to achieve that goal. 1,122 more words


An End to “Adult Supervision”

Many moons ago, when electric cars were yet to be resurrected, when you could only access the burgeoning Internet in a university computer lab, and when Silicon Valley actually had a rainy season, we didn’t always expect founders to stay CEO of their companies. 788 more words


The Role of a Lifetime - 7 Tips to Make Every Sales Meeting a Good Show

As a former theater nerd and lifelong fan, it’s occurred to me that a lot of what I learned when  performing and public speaking directly translates into the partnership process. 1,067 more words


Startups are from Mercury, Bigcos are from Jupiter -- How to build a match made in the heavens

I’ve worked at startups, big companies, startups that became big companies, you get the picture. Upon reflection, during a lot of that time I’ve been an interpreter, translating startup and big company needs to their counterparts in the hopes of the trite yet elusive “win-win” relationship. 2,087 more words


What's age got to do with it?

In a world where I am constantly fighting against gender difference, vehemently arguing much of what is perceived as differences is very much a nurture issue – I shall now proceed to write a blog on gender differences in start ups – although, as ever, nothing is black and white. 445 more words

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