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Reflections By Steven Sinofsky

I chanced to read following article Steven Sinofsky on Building Your Product Team  published on the MixPanel blog. It had some great insights  which , I  have captured for my readers and fellow companions who cross their path with product management. 398 more words


Qualms Of Product-Awareness

Product is a very generic term and changes its meaning depending on the context. As various stakeholders working to deliver an experience it is important to know how interactions impact your consumer space. 247 more words


Rio's Favela Young People turn to Social Entrepreneurship ahead of 2016 Olympics

“Against the odds, a kind of magic remains in the Olympics.”

A fair statement, it seems, as I sit in my London apartment remembering an emotional  1,001 more words

Immersion Programme

Good Better Best - Quality of Decision

You might heard following phrases several times :

 “This is a wrong decision , we should not made this call”

“Why did you not inform us , otherwise we would have made right decision” 240 more words


Choice of MVP : Evaluate Your Options

Many a times MVP(Minimum Viable Product) and what definition it carries get clouded with lot of factors. To start with , let me refresh couple of aspects of what a  412 more words


Quick Take: Crowdmix Bites The Dust

Crowdmix was one of those start ups that promised to change the world. It was going to be a social network focused around music that would transform how people discover music and how audiences and influencers interact. 265 more words

Startup Culture or something else ...

We have & continue to observe numerous articles as well inspirational content on how one should have start-up culture , mindset or spirit. All in different dimension & context. 304 more words