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20Bites For 20Days

So tomorrow I begin my 20Bites Diet. over the past week I have been playing around and trying out different things and I believe I have now created the perfect diet for quick weight loss. 201 more words


I’m the bloke on the left, with the gray shirt. The man on the right has no significance to this post.

I’ve had a gazillion of failed blogs in the past, and all of them starts with the sentence “I hope this works.” 250 more words

They say “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but I’m afraid this one time it will not…

I would like to say, when having a garden party, you must notify your guest a head of time if it’s on your deck. Some people really get upset about that sort of thing.

Sam: “Do you have my phone number still?”

Lea: “If it’s till 911 then, yes, you could say that.”

*Looks on WordPress and sees her first follower* “Gather the press, I’m famous!” she thinks to herself.