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Start. Stop (or not), Repeat

This mantra that I ripped out of a magazine, has followed me – on display within every desk, home office space and office nook that I’ve had for the past 20 years. 306 more words


Star Cricket Club Swabi Maira Distribute Eidi for poors family 23 June 2017

Haripur :Star Cricket Club Swabi Maira Distribute Eidi for poors family 23 June 2017.

바로 지금, 무엇이든 시작할 권리

인생은 결국, 잘하리라는 보장도 없이- 거듭 버틸 수 있는 데까지 버티다가 몇 가지의 간단한 항복으로 요약되고 정리되는 것이라고 나는 생각했다. 지금도 버티고 있는, 그래서 아무 일 없이 흘러가고 있는 우리의 삶은- 실로 그래서 기적이었다.

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자발적으로 방황중인 당신에게

어디선가 이런 댓글을 발견했다.

“어렸을 때의 나는 20대가 되면 무엇이든 될 줄 알았고, 더 멋진 사람이 되어 있을 줄 알았는데, 지금의 나는 그때와 똑같이 뭘 하고 싶은지 모르겠어. 


Pokémon Go's New Gyms Are Off To A Rocky Start

(Source: kotaku.com)

Pokémon Go’s big gym overhaul hasn’t been live for very long, but many players already dislike some of the new mechanics.

PokeCoins, as many of you know, are the currency of Pokémon Go—you can use coins to purchase shop items, such as incubators (150 coins) and lures (100 coins.) Previously, players could install monsters at gyms, and then immediately collect a defender bonus of 10 coins once a day, per gym. 422 more words


Passion and Diligence

I’m  laughing, reading over the title of today’s post, it reminds me of the motto of some schools and associations; Godliness with excellence, peace and unity, strength and honor.. 558 more words


This one's not for you...

In my first post in this blog I said about getting started. Even though that is most important, but I can’t avoid the fact that there will be hurdles.. 281 more words