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The Start

Writing has never been my choice of pass time. But starting this blog was something that I felt I would enjoying doing to get my thoughts out into the world whether they got read or not. 382 more words



I’m a silent girl from Denmark going to England this September. I’m going to be staying in England for a year and I can’t wait. I will be writing about my journey here and I will probably not update before September at least(because that’s when I’m going) .   38 more words


Beginnings from Regret

On January 25 of this year I messaged the man who is now my coach. I think I was feeling my oats. I had drunk two Americanos in the only American cafe in Florence, Italy, and the caffeine was making me feel like a bullet couldn’t stop me. 1,056 more words


A Fresh Start

I have to admit it; I hate first blog posts. The weight of expectation and not knowing whether this will just be another site I start and abandon like so many others in the past is enough to put anyone off. 164 more words

Social Justice

The day that never was...

Hello people ,

So yes , I have finally started blogging after a lot of envision. Well it all started in my head , from 26th december . 206 more words


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The beginning - Finally!!!!

The idea of blogging struck me in the initial days of the blog world but TIME was something I did not have enough of as I was busy managing two careers or should I say three? 287 more words