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Doritos scotch eggs!

DORITOS SCOTCH EGGS! Yes they really are as good as they sound too!

Well it was April since I last posted anything as it’s been a rollercoaster of highs and lows here at the cottage. 107 more words

Starters And Snacks

Chocolate-y Goodness

Or so Noor termed these granola bars that, despite the obligatory oats, are saved from being just only healthy by a reasonable amount of chocolate chips !

Picnic Food

Sourdough Flatbread with Tomato and Mozzarella

Now that I have a proper sourdough starter I tend to make a large loaf whenever I need one, but apart from the type of flour I put in, I rarely vary what I’m baking. 368 more words


Classic Moules Marinières

Now the summer is over it is time to eat mussels again but where do you start or who do you look to as an authority for the perfect Moules marinières recipe? 393 more words

Fish & Shellfsh

Spicy Crab & Prawn Fishcakes with Sweetcorn and Coriander and a Thai style Dipping Sauce

Everyone who cooks has a list of purely personal favourite dishes, their own or at a restaurant, they can be terribly simple or frighteningly complex. As a chef you develop a list of go to classic recipes that work every time, easy to cook and as incredible eating for family, friends or paying guests. 569 more words

Fish & Shellfsh

The Case of the Disappearing Tequila-Habanero Spiced Pineapple Wontons

In case you are wondering why I have no picture for you, it’s because twice I made these, twice I served them to guests to give me feedback on my new recipe with the warning not to eat them all because I still needed a picture, and twice I turned around about 3 minutes later to see an empty plate where my wontons should be. 637 more words

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