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Spicy Crab & Prawn Fishcakes with Sweetcorn and Coriander and a Thai style Dipping Sauce

Everyone who cooks has a list of purely personal favourite dishes, their own or at a restaurant, they can be terribly simple or frighteningly complex. As a chef you develop a list of go to classic recipes that work every time, easy to cook and as incredible eating for family, friends or paying guests. 569 more words

Asian Cuisine

The Case of the Disappearing Tequila-Habanero Spiced Pineapple Wontons

In case you are wondering why I have no picture for you, it’s because twice I made these, twice I served them to guests to give me feedback on my new recipe with the warning not to eat them all because I still needed a picture, and twice I turned around about 3 minutes later to see an empty plate where my wontons should be. 637 more words

Food Porn

Bruschetta Salsa

A staple starter in pretty much every Italian eatery, and most bar and grilles, I think bruschetta get’s over looked. It’s also really easy to make an utterly underwhelming batch; just use off-season tomatoes and dried basil instead of fresh and you will be one sad mac. 503 more words

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BLT Deviled Eggs

What is it about the summer that just makes one jones for bacon, lettuce, and tomato? It’s never not awesome, right? Well, today I decided to stuff it in my deviled eggs and declare it breakfast! 373 more words

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BL Cherry T Bites

Got the taste of bacon, lettuce, and tomato on your mind? I usually do, too. Here’s another way to get the flavor, but without the carbs. 139 more words

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Peter Paniccia’s Stir Fried Hot Peppers w/ Bread Crumbs

I can’t stop raving about my favorite organic CSA farmer Peter Paniccia of Pietro’s Coop and his hot peppers. This past year, he showed me a really great way to cook these peppers. 108 more words

Quick & Easy

Parsley Pesto

I am so spoiled by my favorite organic CSA farmer Peter Paniccia of Pietro’s Coop who brings me bushels of parsley every summer and fall. I use a lot of this parsley fresh in my everyday cooking but I also make a great pesto with it, which last me through the winter months. 106 more words

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