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Where does change happen?

Change, this word change, inspiring, motivating and encouraging. But where does it come from, where does it happen, and what result does it have?

These are the questions I ask myself, everyday, I search for the answers, the root of the cause to pinpoint the source where I can make something occur. 245 more words

Poem (draft?): "Wilt I Will Not"

Late-at-night story-fiction-dark poem. I think that’s an apt if not eloquent description. Not *entirely* satisfied, but thought would put it out there.

You, in the centre of the room, 337 more words

Creative Writing

New Beginnings

Every now and then as we go through life, we are tempted to erase our past and start afresh. I look at the mistakes I have made (boy they are plenty!) and I cringe in shame, horror or fear. 192 more words

Turning beer into furniture

One of the most memorable characters I ever met was a man named Snowy Royal. When I knew him he was an evangelist, but in earlier times he had been a prominent member of the Sydney underworld, a violent alcoholic who had spent half his life in gaol, and a man who was known to the police as ‘The man who was born to be bad.’ But Snowy had an encounter with Jesus in an open air Gospel meeting in Sydney and his life was marvellously transformed. 71 more words

Inspirational Sayings

Starting Again

Failure is a part and parcel of life. What’s a life without failures? But then not everyone rises up from failures. Likewise nor does everyone get a chance to start all over again, especially after everything that one has built gets washed away, gets destroyed. 424 more words


The next Modeling chapter..

I had a full on but amazingly awesome day yesterday…

5:30am was rise and shine to get into the city for my long awaited MRI, that all went well apart from somehow getting lost when I got there even though who knows how many times I’ve been there now but oh well. 657 more words

Day 43: Starting afresh

I finally ended things with Daniel about a week ago. Even though I never really talked about it here, I’d been considering ‘breaking up’ with himĀ for quite some time before I really did it. 890 more words

Autumn Waltz