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Time For A Facelift

My enthusiasm to blog curtailed significantly over the past couple of weeks – I think realistically it was as soon as I got back from visiting home, but I can’t be sure. 494 more words


New Blog Site

Just a quick one as I am in the middle of playing around with settings etc.

Decided to move my blog over to wordpress, just to see how this works out and if I get more followers.   19 more words


Cards you've been dealt. /Sette giorni/

I was playing poker. I was playing poker when I thought that I know why there are so many metaphors concerning *fate* that use the image of cards. 306 more words


About countdowns /Ten days - dieci giorni

Recently I’ve been counting down the days. You do that too. What now? – you can ask, and here I go with the answer. It seems to me that I’ll be going to Italy in 10 days. 610 more words


Shampoo + Wine = New Beginnings.

I’ve started every second post before apologizing for not having written frequently before.  For giving excuses like I’ve had exams, a wedding in the family, a busy schedule and so on. 935 more words

The Fuss About Beginnings

“And suddenly you know, it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings”.

One’s first day at school: the inconsolable faces having just come out of the shell find solace in brand new school bags, pencil boxes with Disney characters carved on them, clean socks tucked up to their knees and meeting people who share the same amount of anxiety to return home and get back into the shell just to come back the day after. 883 more words

Ego Battles

Poem (draft?): "Wilt I Will Not"

Late-at-night story-fiction-dark poem. I think that’s an apt if not eloquent description. Not *entirely* satisfied, but thought would put it out there.

You, in the centre of the room, 337 more words

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