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Boldly going where loads of people have gone before

Blogging…the final frontier. Well at least for me. My attempts at blogging in the past have been fruitless to say the least. I’ve sat at the computer wondering what to write, what would be worth putting online, what people might want to read, what people might like or enjoy reading. 182 more words

Resolutions or Goals?

A month has passed since the beginning of the year, and I would like to know how many of you set yourself any new year’s resolutions? 216 more words



I have just begun.

Infinitesimal possibilities lay ahead…

Thoughts a plenty, content not so abundant…

A journey to liberating the mind and soul will be afoot…



While attending the Ake Arts and Book Festival 2016 in November, I met Poet Shittu Fowora. I could tell almost immediately how passionate he is about poetry. 261 more words


Anxiety and how it never truly goes away!

I was really undecided about my blog this week.  And then it hit me, let me tell you about my day today.  It has been a bit of an up and down rollercoaster to be honest. 632 more words


Self-care and why it is important!

Let’s start this blog with something I did the other night.  I had the house to myself (well almost, kids were in bed and Chris was out creating new items), and I had a lot of work to catch up on.   724 more words


2. The Debt for Happiness

Everything comes with a price.

Me being…… well me.

I live with guilt thinking,

‘Would my old self do this?

Would she forget that there is something out there, someone out there… 107 more words