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Even Though I'm Closing The Chapter Of Us You'll Always Be My Favorite Character

It’s like the curtain closed – goodbyes were said, well sort of…

But this time we didn’t look back at it melancholy or full of tears. 643 more words

Turning an Obstacle Into an Opportunity

I went on a walk with my husband two afternoons ago. Nothing special, just a stroll around the streets of stores, restaurants, and homes. There is no zoning where I live, and the streets are a mix of stately and eclectic old houses, modern structures and apartments, all thrown in with a scattering of shops and restaurants. 275 more words

If you could turn back time

Now that is a good question.  I would probably go all the way back.  Wouldn’t mind starting all over again while knowing  then what I know now.


Dreary Days and Starting Over

Maybe it was the rainy day, or maybe it was the fact that I didn’t feel too well. Hell, maybe it was everything combined, but today just was not as good as the last. 284 more words

Starting Over

Ok, yes. I forgot I had a blog.

My life has been a little hectic lately, but I’m going to make more of an effort to keep this thing going now, I promise. 334 more words

Creative Writing


Rise up from the darkness
Oh sweet one,
Open the drapes;
Let the sunshine in!

Shed the heavy blankets
That cover your soul;
Bare your nakedness… 76 more words

The Year of Pleasures - Elizabeth Berg | A Guest Review

My friend found this book for me one day while browsing the library shelves. She thought the cover looked calming, and like something I’d enjoy. And I did! 420 more words