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Tuesday, October 6

I got my validation for the week. My three and half year old nephew just told me that I’m cute. I’ll take that compliment any day, especially when it comes from a kid as cute as him. 283 more words

Single Motherhood

Fresh Start

Wow. The last couple of years have been tough. Saying I hit some incredible lows in my life is an understatement. Am I where I formerly envisioned myself at my quarter life crisis? 276 more words


Monday, October 5

Bedtime with Charlie has been a disaster lately. He fights it with every ounce of his little being. How can a parent crave sleep so much and witness their child endlessly fight it? 125 more words

Single Motherhood

Sweet moments

She wears a ring
But it’s not on her wedding finger
There are words inscribed
That he cannot read
So he asks to take a closer look… 16 more words

Unexpected Side Effects

For a long time, I was very sick and I didn’t know why. I couldn’t sleep, my hair was falling out, I was diagnosed with a hormone imbalance, my teeth were becoming lose, my joints ached, I couldn’t digest foods at all, I had acne and blotchy skin. 365 more words

Staring over... Again!

I sort of fell off the ‘get healthy’ wagon again. It started on Friday, when due to ‘life’ I missed a workout. Then ‘life’ kept happening, and I missed 4 days of working out… 576 more words

Dust Yourself Off And ... Just Do It!

Hello my darlings!

These last several weeks and even months have not been productive ones unfortunately. I have taken every excuse and opportunity to do absolutely nothing! 689 more words

Half Marathon