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A journey is when you get up and move from where you have always been and step out from everything you know. If I choose to stay in the same frame of mind, in the same scenario and within the same perimeters of my mind and consciousness, then I haven’t ventured very far. 571 more words

SECOND CHANCES? Epilogue of Ebenezer Scrooge book

If there is one thing that we cannot absolutely live without it would be the subject of the dynamics of the second chance not to be confused with the do-over. 600 more words


Fighting the Flight

“I Only Write When Inspiration Strikes. Fortunately It Strikes at Nine Every Morning.”

I loved this quotation I read in The War of Art.  He attributed it to Somerset Maughum, and… 549 more words

Life Update

Hey Ya’ll! I know it has been a while since my last blog post, and I am so sorry if you have missed me. Who am I kidding? 643 more words

And So It Began...Jenny's Love Life

I haven’t mentioned it…but I’ve been dating. For a few months really. Honestly, I did NOT wait long enough after separating, and looking back, I feel bad about that. 371 more words

Starting Over

The Clinger...

The clinger.

We have all dated one (at least) or have been one. What is a clinger? A clinger is someone who is always around and begging for attention in a relationship. 354 more words

Starting Over

Starting over!

Starting over always sucks. However, starting over at the age of 30 really sucks. The man that I thought was the man of my dreams ended up being just like the other fuck boys. 208 more words