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Dear Organ Donation Article

For the past week an article has gone around explaining how a woman is carrying her baby to term so she can donate her daughters organs. 1,250 more words


Who Am I?

Who Am I?  Tell me about yourself… How many times have you entered a situation where you are asked to “provide a brief introduction of yourself to share with the rest of the people here, so we know a little bit about as we are going to be working together today, blah blah blah…”   Everybody smiles, and looks around at the circle or the group of people in the room, but you know what we are all thinking, ‘not this again…’ 766 more words


To The People I Walked Away From, I Apologize

When I find myself stuck in the wrong story, I still try to make things work with the people I’m surrounded with. I still try to close the gap and break the walls that separate me from them. 569 more words

Getting Laid Off From My Job Led To My Biggest Transformation Yet

I just spent the better half of a decade building a career I no longer want.

I also just got laid off from the job that robbed me of my remaining passion and creativity. 670 more words

NYC Life

This Is How We Start Over

One by one, I’ll put everything I broke inside you back again,
if you promise to do the same,
I will make you remember your favourite colours, 167 more words

Cruising down Broadway 

As a kid I always thought it would be cool to be one of “those people” who spend their weekends having a blast in New York City. 495 more words

On my mind

Just some things I’m thinking about these days… I think some of you are as well… The good news for me, as I think I’m getting a handle on these lessons 😀

Life After 40