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A Fresh Start  

I’ve always wanted to start blogging but never got around to it, mainly because my laptops are a piece of crap and I hate the idea of typing and writing from my iPhone. 657 more words


Happy Anniversary (to my ex)

May 2 was the 1 year anniversary of the breakup with my ex, I hadn’t have any contact with him in over 6 months but I sent him this because I wanted to and more importantly, because I needed to: 567 more words


Am I still Cinderella?

Do I believe any longer in “happily ever after”?  I was having this discussion with a friend a mine a few days ago, where I was explaining that I didn’t believe in it anymore, that my ex was my “dream” come true that I was happier than I’d ever been.  513 more words


I'm wearing my Big Girl Panties, I want to go Commando

Pick yourself up and put on your Big Girl Panties.  I have heard that a lot over the years, and I have done it a lot.   357 more words


Life is Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s Fitspiration: Life is like a Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is like one big jigsaw puzzle. Over the course of your life, you will have thousands of puzzle pieces that are supposed to fit and create the bigger picture. 250 more words


The Unbroken Story, Ch. 13: The Destruction of the Self

Before even stepping into a shaman’s quarters, I read a book by Colette Baron-Reid called ‘The Map,’ where she spoke about what drove her to her profession as an intuitive counselor. 1,159 more words


Tossing a pebble . . .

Starting a blog is like tossing a pebble into a pond.

Who knows what will happen.

Will the pebble make a splash?

Or will it sink to the bottom muck? 10 more words