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I have Great Ideas

I have great ideas. I love sitting there and thinking of new things, ways to solve problems, how to do things better, ideas for things to do, places to go, global peace, and how to solve world hunger…you know, the usual. 130 more words


Happenings are afoot...

I felt more engaged and purposeful this weekend. It was busy and productive. It ended a little too soon for my taste, but of course most weekends seem to do that. 97 more words

Why Carry A Sketchbook Wherever You Go?

When I meet people who want to work in a creative field but have problems to get the ball rolling I suggest them to carry a small notebook, or sketchbook wherever they go. 664 more words

Life As An Artist

How do you work? Part 1

There’s four types of “business personalities” important to know if you’re like most people and have to collaborate or work on a team. The four types (meaning, structure, caring, action) 276 more words


Startin' Somethin'

” I said you wanna be startin’ somethin’, You gotta be startin’ somethin’ ” – Michael Jackson

For me, the hardest part of any endeavor is the beginning.

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Consistently Inconsistent

Inconsistance is the name of my game. I am famous for starting new and ambitious projects/hobbies and not finishing/continuing them.

I have many started paintings that are just collecting dust. 272 more words

The Truth About...

Blogging challenge: day twenty

I have a folder on my desktop called ‘things to do one day’.

This is what’s inside:

  1. A half-finished PhotoShop file of some text effects I was trying re-create when I was teaching myself PhotoShop.
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