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Something new to excite my crochet soul?

In an effort to breath new life into my crafty self, I took to the Internet to see what could possibly be out there to inspire me.  519 more words



I’m not even close to finishing my applied lace bind off, barely a third is finished.  No FO today!  Instead, I give you all of the UFOs!   106 more words


Weird Wool Wednesday: startitis.

I’ve just cast on for another Trees Cowl.

Using handspun in a sea of soft white BC garn Semilla Fine.

This is ridiculous.
I now officially have on the needles: four pair of socks, two shawls and three cardigans. 200 more words


Stop Everything and Knit!

Just when I think I’ve got my startitis cured and my WIPs under control…a (good) excuse to start a new project pops up!  A custom order for… 170 more words


Oh hi!

Hello. I kinda took a vacation from blogging. I didn’t think I’d be gone this long, but I promise it was for all the right reasons! 224 more words



Warning: This post contains humor, imagination, and silliness. If you don’t enjoy these things, please move on to another blog.

Working as closely as I do with other knitters, it’s not surprising that our conversations often turn to knitting (I would be worried if they didn’t). 650 more words


Reverse startitis?

It’s been rather a long time, but I’m back to the knitting once more.

I’m not exactly sure what the generally accepted definition of Startitis is in the knitting world. 295 more words