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My Little Friend

the mouse is curled up
into the fetal position
and stuck by it’s side
to the sticky pad
i was asked to put out
for him-i did it without… 128 more words



“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future” 827 more words

The spending pattern of the average Briton may startle you

The average British household is spending nearly two thirds of its total income just running the home, according to the latest figures. While the median household disposable income is £27,600, a survey carried out by a major insurer found that the total average cost of a mortgage plus household bills is £20,000. 119 more words

I scream everyday

I am not a thrill seeker, not an adrenaline junkie. I have too much adrenaline in me at all times. It never settles down. My body and brain are always on high alert. 588 more words



What is it about spider webs? You will be walking along the trail in the deep dark woods and on a sudden a web will strike you across the face or on your bare arms. 31 more words

Notes From The Undrground


summer full-moon night—

reeds trembling in the millpond

startle Basho’s frog


Jumping Out of My Skin

A few years ago I started to have issues with startling at the drop of a hat. I can be going about my business and somebody drops something sending me into a near cardiac. 544 more words