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Remeron And Startle Response

I ll say first off that I know no one here is a doctor and I should talk to my doctor about this. Having said that, I m wondering whether anyone has had an experience similar to this: My psychiatrist prescribed a low dose of Remeron for sleep. 64 more words

Morning Start

A phone call,

the muffled tunnel voice cracks,

“Mom, I want to come home.”

A wave hits the transformer and it’s blown.

No connection.

No contact. 83 more words


Frustrated With The Startle Response/flashback/anxiety Attack

There are a few folks at work who know I deal with this. Today I ve been a bit on edge because I had a monthly update meeting with my boss. 82 more words

Confusing Startle Response

so i ve noticed that some things make me jumpy and other things don t even phase me. i can be around fireworks with no problem but if someone walks through a door out of corner of my eye i jump like crazy. 7 more words


i got startled by a turtle
and jumped out of my shell

it was hell



Startle: v. to cause instant involuntary movement with something (frightening and/or alarming) and/or very unusual

Many of us have been startled by the very loud roar of lightning striking in close proximity or a fire alarm going off. 145 more words

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