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Auto Startups Get a Closer Look After GM's Latest $1 Billion Acquisition

Two weeks ago, auto giant General Motors shelled out a reported $1 billion to acquire Cruise, a two-year-old startup building an autonomous driving system.

In the words of one San Francisco-based investor, it was autonomous driving’s “Oculus moment.” 827 more words


500 Startups brings its 'Distro Dojo' program to LA for post-seed startups looking for big growth

500 Startups has been aiming to globalize its brand and work toward attracting the attention of young, cool companies outside the Bay Area echo chamber. This has taken 500’s investments into distant corners of the world, with dedicated funds and accelerators scoping out what has amounted to a prolific number of investments. 328 more words


Tech Wildcatters – Startup Accelerator in Texas

Stacy Stine Cary is a mentor for Tech Wildcatters in Dallas, Texas. This intensive micro-fund and startup accelerator program invests in talented and ambitious new startup companies. 126 more words

Stacy Cary

Y Combinator Wants to Study Universal Income. Here's Where It Can Start.

Y Combinator, the highly regarded and influential San Francisco startup incubator, wants to fund someone to conduct an in-house study of the policy of a “basic income.” 591 more words


Dancing Elephants

“Dancing elephants” was the term I heard used this week to describe corporations trying to be agile.  Many corporations are looking to leverage the movements around lean startup, agile development and accelerators to change their cultures and bring new products to market faster. 727 more words

The Pros And Cons Of Accelerating Your Startup

Startup accelerators are an excellent way for early stage startups to get up to speed quickly, identifying their best growth strategy and a reasonable plan to achieve it.  2,567 more words


Inside The One Startup Accelerator That Only Works With Non-Profits

Yet another meal delivery startup has debuted in San Francisco. But it’s not valued at millions of dollars, and its founders won’t ever get rich. Why? 1,207 more words