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GST Enrollment Google App.

GST Enrolment app is an offline utility to enrol an existing State VAT / Central Tax / Service tax payer to new GST regime. The app enables user to fill in all the GST registration migration application form in an offline mode and the app automatically creates the data upload file accordingly. 868 more words


Start thinking like a startup

Shifts in a rapidly changing retail world and dramatic changes in consumer behavior continue to be a challenge for some traditional retailers. Legacy retailers that have remained stagnant with their old-guard ways are struggling to maintain sales and stay relevant with today’s consumer. 840 more words


The first steps (to anything)

Starting (or restarting) anything is difficult and hence I chose ‘restarting to write’ as my topic. The 5 stages from my exposure applies for startup, mid career change, learning a skill or anything that one could be hesitant about. 362 more words

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What are chit funds? How do they work?

What is Chit Fund?

Chit funds are rather popular among the artisans, shopkeepers and many such businessmen running small businesses. It’s also popular among other individuals as well, who would like to receive a lump sum for a special occasion like marriage, anniversary etc. 1,121 more words


Does and don't while crowdfunding

                      Does and don’ts while crowdfunding

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talking regarding crowdfunding for entrepreneurs who are interested in acquiring and expanding their business. 417 more words

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Incubator Vs. Accelerator Vs. Co-Working Space

Many entrepreneurs are on the lookout for a suitable place to start and operate their business. The options include Incubators, Accelerators, and Co-Working Space. Entrepreneurs looking to venture into a startup need to be familiar with these options as there are a lot of differences and the final choice can have either positive or negative impact on the business. 1,238 more words


Episode 7 "What Brings You In Today"?

-Apologies for the rough audio this week, it will be fixed next episode- In this episode of TriangleCast, Writer Jason Guigno and Entrepreneur Corey Jeffreys discuss sales. 332 more words