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Why did I close down Bullish on Coffee

The main reason I closed down my coffee mug store was due to the pricing.

I used to dropship my coffee mugs through Printful, – which was selling me the coffee mugs for approximately 9$ each which already was pretty expensive. 207 more words


Signature Cocktail Series: Sel Rrose

We’re heading into some of our favorite bars in NYC and getting a behind-the-scenes look at their signature cocktails, so you know what to order when you go – and how to make them at home. 133 more words

4 ways to kill the competition

Irrespective of the business you are involved in competition is always a threat. From multinational companies to startups competition is never to be over looked. We are continuously in search of ways and new strategies to be outstanding competitively. 520 more words


An Open Letter To Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Face Your Fears in Business by Madison Errichiello

What were you like as a child? Some days I really envy my childhood self — rambunctious, self-assured and bold for the things I wanted in life. 1,683 more words


Innovative startup: Implugg

Hello friends, I am back and today I thought of writing something interesting. I decided to make you all aware about a Start-up. I will also try to promote other Start-up’s which are new and have been recently launched. 583 more words


3 Key Tips to Select and Grow Your Startup Team

Before embarking on a journey to develop ENVERACE, we contributed to the development of several other startups (Dreamups, 3D Magic Makers), and one organization ( 1,073 more words


¿Cómo idear una Startup? 

En esta ocasión trataremos acerca de las compañías emergentes o Startups. Pero antes de plantear cualquier tema, debemos saber qué es una Startup.

Las compañías emergentes o Startup (su nombre en inglés), son empresas incipientes que traen ideas innovadoras sobre todo, pero no limitándose, en temas tecnológicos a la palestra de negocios de su región. 967 more words