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Make your way calmly towards the exit

People whom are lucky enough to survive a fire tend to be those positioned near an emergency exit, having clocked the evacuation route ahead of time, and are sufficiently alert and agile to jump to action when the time comes. 540 more words


In our cities there are a multitude of unused spaces or poorly expressed, then it would be better to create new multi-purpose exhibition spaces. This also creates a new place for temporary exhibitions and not, from all over the world. 749 more words


10 Signs Your Startup Probably Won't Make It

This article originally appeared on AllBusiness.

As a venture capital and angel investor, I get bombarded with proposals to invest in startups. Many of them are terrible and just not fundable by angel investors or venture capital funds. 852 more words


Know You’re Destined For Greatness, But Get Ready To Work!

Wake up in the morning and say to yourself: “I am destined for great things.”  If you don’t believe you are destined for greatness and don’t believe in yourself, you have built a subconscious barrier that will prevent you from achieving your goals. 83 more words


Social Network Fever: Analytics for Twitter

If someone had doubts about the importance of Social Networks, I’m sure it is in the past after U.S. elections 2016 where Donald Trump has used Twitter as a major channel for communications with electorate, debates with opponents and reaching out to allies. 369 more words


#slush16 - more than an event, an experience!

Dear readers,

Probably “nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in November”, just those 17.000 people interested in joining and supporting the world-wide startup community. 520 more words


Amazing days at SLUSH 2016

After a few days with fever and a cold all the impressions and thoughts after SLUSH 2016 in Helsinki have sunk in. It was my first time at SLUSH and it was awesome! 308 more words