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Online Shareholder Meetings Lower Costs, but Also Interaction by STEVEN DAVIDOFF SOLOMON


Done in person, the annual meeting is the sole opportunity that all shareholders have to meet and talk with management.

Published: June 1, 2016 at 12:00AM… 8 more words

Hadi Aboukhater

‘Hustle’ Mortgage Fraud Case Falls Into Crevice of the Law by PETER J. HENNING


Simply breaching a contract, as Bank of America’s Countrywide unit did in a case stemming from the financial crisis, is not be enough to prove fraud. 12 more words

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Proven Steps to the Most Productive Day You’ll Ever Have

Stop for a moment and picture the most successful person you can think of.

Got it?


What makes that person incredibly successful is that they have learned how to use their time efficiently and created a habit out of it. 2,774 more words

C. Michael Pearson, Former Valeant Chief, to Receive $9 Million Severance by KATIE THOMAS


Mr. Pearson stepped down amid a series of investigations into Valeant’s business practices.

Published: June 1, 2016 at 12:00AM

from NYT Business Day http://ift.tt/1VsPRd3

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Project Brainchild

Nowadays every tom dick and harry wants to build a startup, but where to start?

Thanks to Code Ar.my, they have facilitated something called project Brainchild which is like a crash course for lean startup and also a sneak preview of what your life will be if you want to build a startup. 1,230 more words

Choosing Your DPC Suppliers & Partnerships With Community Hospitals

By Catherine Sykes, Publisher, Managing Editor, The DPC Journal

AUGUST 7, 2014 – The strength of your Direct Primary Care (DPC) menu of healthcare services largely depends on the quality of your local laboratory partners and equipment suppliers. 1,502 more words


The Paranoid Survive, but They Burn Out. Take a Break. by CARL RICHARDS


Don’t think that every moment, ounce of energy and extra cent needs to be maximized. Cut some slack and get used to having a little excess instead. 14 more words

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