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PayPal in Pakistan: Debunking the myth

(Source: e27.co)

Being a Pakistani, you must be aware of the fact that PayPal doesn’t work in Pakistan. PayPal doesn’t work in a lot of other countries too so we are not the exception. 1,054 more words


Startups should start with the books | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

An important step in the right direction for any startup company is to get started with book keeping. Now that scares a lot of people as soon as they hear it. 620 more words

Edible Pen

India seems to be making rapid progress in every field. But, here are 10 areas that will make all the difference.

While growing up, we were told that for every step India took forward, it took two steps back. That indeed seemed to be the case for few decades after Independence. 1,610 more words

Social Awareness

You want to be extra rigorous about making the best possible thing you can. Find everything that’s wrong with it and fix it.

Elon Musk, CEO Of Tesla & Spacex


The 1% Rule and the race to 1000 users!

By Devang Patel

As Yobored grows, it becomes increasingly important to analyze the numbers on a day to day basis.  I want to go over a few of these… 549 more words

Austin Tx.

In what contexts should messaging be the UI?

The current messaging hype is overstated. There are certainly some interesting and unique opportunities for messaging as an interface, but I contend the number of practical use cases is a fraction of what the current hype cycle suggests. 1,197 more words


Take My Breath Away: How Berlin Can Become Europe's Commercial Capital

With the zeitgeist-defining British vote to leave the European Union via a non-binding referendum creating chronic uncertainty in London since 23rd June 2016, Berlin – which for much of the twentieth century was broadly sliced into two entities, one of which was communist, by a Cold War wall – now has the opportunity to supplant the former Centre of the Known Universe as Europe’s startup capital. 536 more words