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I find it so strange how some days I have massive anxiety about every calorie, and some days I don’t care at all. This morning I was 125, which is more than I’d like but less than I was expecting, but rather than be encouraged to keep with the program I was like “I’m PMSing, let’s eat all the chocolates and drink the wine and not care.” But I will care in the morning when I get on the scale again. 97 more words

Admitting defeat

I’m starting to think it isn’t possible to be thin and healthy at the same time. I’ve been trying to eat balanced meals and allow treats and now I’m back gaining weight again. 72 more words


Oh how fragile humans are

cut me and I bleed

starve me and I die

bite me and I scream

Oh how resilient humans are… 20 more words



I starved myself to almost-death. I just didn’t feel like throwing crumbs down my spine. I wanted to see him. An enigma raised inside my chest. 343 more words



I just want to be tiny

I want shrink until I’m nothing.
To block the world outside and just stay in my restrictive bubble.
To push the food away and in the process mute the voices in my head and those around me. 227 more words

Hell has a special place for you

Chubby little hands work fast to rummage through the pantry in search of a tasty treat. A smile creeping across the little face as his hands close in on a cheese and biscuit snack. 521 more words

Mental Health

Day One of No Alcohol

Amazing! I don’t have a craving. I’m currently drinking some night time tea. Drinking is so habitual. Right now I’m trying to save money and lose weight. 34 more words