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Philosophy Of Jos

11. In the blink of an eye

Hamza’s P.O.V

I sighed as I tried to find myself a comfortable spot on my bed. Every position I turned to had me wincing in pain. 575 more words

In The Blink Of An Eye

We all get there Sometimes

When you just want to tell them know how sick you are of defrosting frozen rats for them for dinner, only for them to refuse to eat! 50 more words


Sometimes I want to recover. Sometimes I want to say “fuck it” and eat whatever I want without thinking about fat or calories or any of that. 194 more words

ဝိတ္ခ်ဖို႕အတြက္ အစာအငတ္ခံဖို႕ မလိုေတာ့ဘူးေနာ္။
ေအာက္ကနည္းေလးေတြကို ေပါ့ေပါ့ပါးပါး လုပ္ေပးသြားရံုပဲ။

(၁) ပရိုတင္းဓာတ္မ်ားမ်ားစားေပးပါ
မနက္ေစာေစာမွာ က်န္းမာေရးနဲ႕ ညီညြတ္တဲ့ မနက္စာ စားသံုးေပးျခင္းဟာ
အစာစားခ်င္စိတ္ကို ေေလ်ာ့က်ေစပါတယ္တဲ့။
မနက္စာကို အရည္ေလးနဲ႕ပါ တြဲဖက္သံုးေဆာင္ေပးရင္ ပိုသင့္ေတာ္ပါတယ္။
ရယ္ဒီမိတ္အခ်ိဳရည္အစား လက္ညွစ္သံပုရာသီးေဖ်ာ္ရည္ေသာက္ေပးတာမ်ိဳးက


Four famines mean 20 million may starve in the next six months

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

GENEVA: More than 20 million people – greater than the population of Romania or Florida – risk dying from starvation within six months in four separate famines, UN World Food Programme chief economist Arif Husain says. 583 more words

Current Affairs

Self Assurance

Do you ever feel Loath? For no one but your own self? You don’t like your nose, it’s too steep? You don’t like your feet, they’re a tad bit broad. 180 more words