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Hot Lunch or Starve

Say all you want about me, but I don’t give my children a choice –  they have to buy school lunch every day. The new government-instituted nutritional requirements have eliminated the mystery meats and bad carbs, so I’m not concerned about the quality of the food being served in the least. 973 more words

Raising Kids

It's a Good Day // Journal 6.28.16

I woke up this morning super inspired and I’m so happy at how I’m doing today.

3 almonds

1 cup of green tea

5 blueberries… 119 more words


New Crash-Course Diet; The Ana Way

The following is more of a mental note to myself then a post to tell others to do;

Ana Bootcamp Diet~

Alright loves, so this is what I will be eating/doing for the next 7-8 weeks. 105 more words


Episode 38: We're All Professionals

After running through the 2016 Harvey Award Nominees, Patrick and Chad talk about a few series that end, one that’s still about to hit its stride (hopefully), a joyful comic, and some dumb ass metal hair. 79 more words


A Little bit of an Update

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve started this, and I feel compelled to share a couple of things…

I know this is unhealthy, and nothing can really make up for the fact that this is slowly killing me, but it’s not like I’ve stopped eating entirely. 289 more words


My Decision is Final

I started a diet a while back.
However.. I failed.
Just like every other time I’ve tried. I failed with the diet because my body is cruel to me, and I dislike most foods. 264 more words