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Line stretch down the block, dust gusts down the streets as we stand there empty handed. The once rich and powerful now stand with the poor and destitute, poverty is an equalizer just as death; both are seemingly permanent though one more so then the other. 165 more words

1000 Words Or Less


We starve without love
Though we fill our stomachs up
Our hearts still hunger


Feed the Peace

If I write I do not starve. I am fulfilled, satisfied; my soul is at peace. To keep it from me stirs something within me which is unwell. 13 more words


spring into shape

It’s May. I have to do better. I have to be better.
I’m Springing Into Shape with a 31-day (all of May) clean(ish) eating challenge. The reason it’s clean(ish) is that I’m going to aim to eat all whole foods, be vegan & gluten free and stay away from alcohol – but I’m not going whole deprivation either. 154 more words



I starve myself
I fear there is not enough
Love to sustain me



Scraping the bowl clean
Will save you from starvation
Other ways to die