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Four famines mean 20 million may starve in the next six months

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

GENEVA: More than 20 million people – greater than the population of Romania or Florida – risk dying from starvation within six months in four separate famines, UN World Food Programme chief economist Arif Husain says. 583 more words

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Self Assurance

Do you ever feel Loath? For no one but your own self? You don’t like your nose, it’s too steep? You don’t like your feet, they’re a tad bit broad. 180 more words

Kardashians never fail to soak in all of the attention.

By now it can be concluded that there is no member of the famous Kardashian family that will not surprise his/her bizarre behavior, reasoning and actions. 237 more words


How To Starve Cancer To Death By Removing This One Thing From Your Diet

The number of patients diagnosed with cancer is on the rise, and the causes of cancer vary, ranging from our environment to our emotions. However, food is all around, what we eat is what radiates out, but you can use some ways to cut certain foods out of your menu and make your organism thrive. 25 more words

Painfully Tight

My new bra is extra large & tight enough to hurt me & restrict my breathing. I’m wondering if my new size 11 granny panties are going to also be painfully tight. 195 more words


Starve: Review

Alright, I’m pretty shameless but I just wanted to put this out there. I recently read this comic called Starve. I love it. It’s funny it’s witty, it’s rated M so don’t give it to your kids and most importantly it’s about a cooking show. 634 more words

Work and Passion

Matthew 6:21 – For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be

Read in context this verse says you must not lay up treasures on earth where they can decay, but you should rather lay up treasures for yourself in heaven where they will be eternal. 435 more words