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Child Abuse

It’s 3am on a Monday night. Technically it’s Tuesday since it’s after midnight. Something made me feel like watching The Oprah Winfrey Show. The first episode I saw was “Clayton Moss, a boy who was chained up and tortured by his own family”. 420 more words

#BlackLivesMatter: beautyflaw8

I wish I could’ve been there at the heights protesting against this. My grandparents had some Haitian bloodline although they referred to themselves as Dominicans, I call Haitians my brothers/sisters everytime I meet them. 34 more words


Sleep Deprivation makes Me Fear People

This is a great study that came out about how our fears are influenced by our sleep.


I don’t make the best decisions while tired. 205 more words

Sorry Not Sorry

I know I am tired, and I have to be up earlier than early, but I cannot sleep.

I shut my eyes, but the thoughts keep me awake. 378 more words

When animal rescue becomes animal hoarding...


I was reading this interview article (link above) When does animal rescue become animal hoarding?

There are people out there with the best intentions when adopting animals and working to find them forever homes. 203 more words

Kolkata corpse case Debjani starved to death to attain god

His diary entries did carry sexual overtones, but police on Monday said they have not found any evidence suggesting that Partha De, who lived with his sister Debjani’s corpse for months, had an incestuous relationship. 12 more words

Starved Love

You have water in abundance

but you starved the grass

in your yard

Now I watch you looking

longly at your neighbor’s yard

You gaze at their green grass… 55 more words