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I Am Rundy Hill Press

In 2012, Karen Grencik, my literary agent at the time, told me I had a choice: Let go of the dream of seeing my book STARVED published, or publish it myself. 455 more words

Running on fumes..

As I have stated in the past, I hate the morning routine, well mornings in general really.  It has been especially hard lately because my youngest daughter has had a double ear infection which has resulted in quite a few sleepless nights.   696 more words

Little Bit Of Everything

Hell at Bawjiase home; Children reduced to sex objects, starved and enslaved

When benevolent organisations and individuals donate to orphanages, they expect that their donation, both in kind
and in cash, will be put to good use. 1,562 more words

Odd News

Dreams of War

This dream of yours
Is a war
That you fight everyday
With bruised hands and
battered heart.
Your eyes
Beholds the truth
Of the souls you murdered… 39 more words

Chapter 7: Hunger

Is that Smaug you have in your abdomen or are you just hungry?

I’m going to go ahead and move forward thinking that you are just hungry and don’t have a dragon in your stomach.   487 more words

Traditional Feels

Confused and Starving for Attention

Are girls sitting around having conversations that go, more or less, like this…?

Girl 1:  So Hey! Like who do you have a crush on?

94 more words
On My Mind