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Chapter 7: I Fought the Pie and the Pie Won

I went up against a pepperoni and mushroom pizza and the pizza won.

I’m an emancipated minor, an “adult” barely off his training wheels, and I couldn’t take on and defeat one stupid pizza. 626 more words

Boys With Eating Disorders


Only the truly

starved care not what, how and why.

The “when” is what counts!


Chapter 6: Not Just a Pizza

This pizza I’m staring at should not scare me. It is knowable and understandable, all through the magic of dietary exchanges. I know the role and function of each part, and I know that this pizza is a balanced, fairly healthy meal to eat, as long as I stick to a piece or two. 1,143 more words

Boys With Eating Disorders

Chapter 5: A Mother's Lament


I have a son who . . . she thought.

Correction. Start over.

But first, a sip of Smirnoff.

Ah, much better. Nothing like the tinkle of ice and the burn of booze to clear one’s thoughts. 923 more words

Boys With Eating Disorders

Of kc90172 Danita Delimont Waterfalls Waterfall LaSalle Canyon Starved

Summary:Sarah keeps a secret from chuck in order to successfully pull off a perilous mission. Elsewhere, Ellie and Awesome are presented with a new and potentially life-changing opportunity. 201 more words

Chapter 4: How Is He?


Sandy looked out her kitchen window at the muted gray morning sky, wondering how Nathan was doing and worrying about him.

Despite his family situation, despite all the obstacles, everyone on his treatment team felt comfortable saying he was a success story. 566 more words

Boys With Eating Disorders

Chapter 3: A Gap Where Nathan Used To Be


Sarah looked out through the reinforced glass of the 8-D lounge, eight stories above all the life and activity down below. All the life on the streets, in the cars, on the sidewalks, on the bikes, in the shoes. 1,039 more words

Boys With Eating Disorders