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The Fire Is Going Out

I hate to say it and I certainly hate to feel it, but when starved of affection for a long enough period of time and no indication that this is just a spell, the fire of romantic love will start to die. 69 more words

Chapter 12: Wedded Bliss

Once I get back to the hotel in the evening, I decide to make myself do a sit for thirty minutes just to ground myself in that routine. 1,450 more words

Boys With Eating Disorders

Chapter 11: Coffee Break

I haven’t eaten since breakfast and I haven’t tried since that disaster of a visit to Pizza Vito’s this afternoon. Not a single thing, except for this coffee here at some lame coffee shop by the hotel called Bean Around. 621 more words

Boys With Eating Disorders

Chapter 10: You're No Good


When Astrid opened the door from the garage to the kitchen, she found George leaning against the sink, tossing one of her empty bottles of Smirnoff from hand to hand. 1,823 more words

Boys With Eating Disorders

Negative Reviews

Lately, I’ve been preoccupied with the few negative reviews STARVED has received.  I’m lucky that the book has gotten mostly positive reviews and I appreciate them deeply.  415 more words


Finger tips tracing the brick wall of an abandoned paper mill,

I walk that little city’s streets, content to have leaves skittering in front me. 201 more words


Chapter 9: Covered Up


That dumb drunk, George thought, shaking his head and rolling his eyes, as he walked into the kitchen. An empty Smirnoff bottle lay on its side on the kitchen counter. 718 more words

Boys With Eating Disorders