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The 13-Year Old Girl was Sold By Her Boyfriend to An Old Man Who Starved and Abused Her!

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Everyone wants a love story that ends with a happy ending. However, this girl thought of a fairy tale-like ending unexpectedly ended in a nightmare. 20 more words

Singaporean couple who starved Filipina maid officially convicted by court

A couple in Singapore admitted to letting their Filipina domestic helper starve
The Filipina maid lost 20 kilograms due to the abusive treatment
She was also allowed to shower only two times a week and her bathroom trips were monitored  11 more words

So lost inside...

Today I write out of frustration. No really, I am beyond pissed off with myself. So much to the point that I wish I could grab a knife and cut every bit of fat off this fucking body. 340 more words


Crunching the Numbers: Offering STARVED for Free

The first bout of offering STARVED for free has concluded.

As I look at the numbers, I see quite a healthy increase in units “sold” — and I use quotation marks because I didn’t earn any money from those units. ¬† 117 more words

Running on empty...

She is the friend society introduces us to, but the drug our parents warn us to never get addicted to. Slowly taking over our minds, we love the way she makes us feel. 709 more words