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Class Thoughts 2.28.15

First off – this is a good article. I remember the “modern” versus “contemporary” debate from my sophomore year of college, but it’s becoming more clear which is which. 964 more words


Contemporary Classes

Wow, I feel amazing. 

I think this is how some people feel after a spa day or a glass of wine. These people aren’t masochistic, though. 1,001 more words


Thank you for the $25 Starving Artist Donation

We received a $25 donation to the Starving Artist Fund today by someone whom believes in our mission of helping aspiring writers become published authors. We are thankful for your donation to such a worthy cause. 35 more words


Indie poets and starving artists

Poetry, writing, art. Is one any better than the other at expressing a concept? Some things might make a great visual impression, but would seem mundane or even boring if described. 155 more words


How To Be A Starving Artist Pt. 2

The buzzing on your nightstand rattles you awake as you groggily adjust your eyes to the daylight. The  pain in your head is better than you had expected after a night of getting lost in your work … and Jack Daniels. 362 more words


What A Difference Three Years Makes

Hopeless, pretty-much – that was where I was three years and two days ago. I needed to change a lot of things about me and how I was living my life – or rather existing without actually living. 809 more words

State of Affairs, 2.23.2015

Well, it’s not as bleak as it was a year ago, when I felt like I was running on a treadmill I desperately didn’t want to be on. 540 more words