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Barren No More

once a creek of bountiful flow
though lacking the dew the evening mist too
among the countless drying away

endured in abundance
snow-craving winters
rain-thirsty springs… 96 more words

Creative Talents Unleashed

How to Budget like a Starving Artist

Make your own gifts
This one is especially useful for the crafty types (unless your friends like poems). Making your own gifts not only saves money but you might find people… 673 more words

Was It Raining?

Some of the things people say to you, I thought I’d share a few of the ones I have experienced with you, dear reader.

I say: I’m an artist, As an artist… 212 more words




You can fit in everywhere and belong nowhere
all that matters is that you’re comfortable
with yourself everywhere
all the frustrations from society’s constant dictation and moral manipulation the need to keep up with someone else… 161 more words

Creative Talents Unleashed


There is the inherent problem with starting now. Starting what? Anything… Anything that puts you out there; writing, painting so on and so forth. That’s because with the glorious basted that’s called the internet so many are out there doing it. 84 more words

Starving Artist

If it makes you happy, let it be.

So I recently read a post by another blogger (Live Your Truth) and it got me thinking, if you love to do something why don’t we just do it rather then be afraid of what others think. 621 more words

Biting Off More than I Could Ever Chew--In Which I Attempt to Defend Poetry

Dear Lily June,

You were born to two poets. This means a number of things about your life: That you are the product of two sentimental nitwits who will cherish each memory we have of you twice, once as a living experience and the other as poem fodder. 2,440 more words