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The Myth of the Starving Artist

The “Starving Artist”. You hear about it a lot- artists who are just barely surviving, sustaining themselves on donations or living in communal flats to cut costs. 515 more words


Feelin' It: on Bernie, NYC, and turning 30

Ephemera are such great little motivators.  There’s a sense of urgency in my bones telling me to hurry, my blood pulsing morse code, saying “this is your chance.”   1,170 more words


Self-Rejection - Author Paige Turner

Although I really hate being single
The fear of rejection controls me
I get lost in the thoughts of what if . . .

What if he doesn’t like me? 385 more words


The science of selling yourself short.

“Hope never abandons you, you abandon it.” – George Weinberg.

I average around 5-6 hours sleep. I try to fit in everything I possibly can before I admit the day is finished. 192 more words


Midnight Wings (Week 9)

Midnight Wings
by Laina Jo Faul

It’s twelve AM
the literal start of a new day.
I’m still awake from yesterday
so for me nothing’s changed. 197 more words


When the boss is away...

…The workers will play–on the boss’ guitar! Well, the one worker, anyway. I’ve been practicing with trying to be present and in the moment these days and, this week in particular, there has been a tangible energy filling the studio where I work part time. 226 more words

Real Life

Inside The Green Room With Queer Performers: The Results

As someone who has performed in Theatre, Film, & The Queer Performance Scene, I have a lot of varied experience; Good, Bad, Annoying, and the like. 1,203 more words