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Are You A Starving Artist Looking For A Free and Loving Thanksgiving Meal?

It’s been an ongoing subtle cliché that the city of Los Angeles is home of the starving artist. Though there are chuckles and giggles and depending with whom you are having the conversation with, maybe even a bit of depression exchanged, it’s an agonizing truth for many. 188 more words

Silent Cries - Author Lindsey F. Rhodes

Real eyes realize
The broken promises and the constant lies
Living in a fantasy world albeit a fairy tale
Naiveté keeping the dream alive but clarity soon will prevail… 85 more words


Yet another brunch at Starving Artist

I haven’t done a review of Starving Artist even though I’ve been there many times, but to be honest, I know you’re all sick of hearing me talk about my love for Eggs Benedict. 170 more words


Old Sketch, Old Pains

I feel a need to draw tonight. And I will start shortly, but first I wanted to share a sketch I found while looking in one of my old black portfolios for paper. 322 more words


Lifting Bro

So I have this theory, right? I know, crazy of me to suggest this – I never have those.

But just hear me out alright? 867 more words


Oh the Many Possibilities

The term starving artist did not appear from thin air. As a person who practices both performing and fine arts you could label me as an “artist”. 153 more words

The Life Of An Indigenous Artist

Indian indigenous art has a long and chequered history. From the early cave paintings in Ajanta and Ellora to the present day wall murals in urban cities – tribal art has survived the ravages of time and emerged stronger. 407 more words