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Midnight Firefly - Author Elizabeth Daniel

As midnight’s fog

Wraps the world in gray

Mischief makers tiptoe

Through brambles and crunching twigs

Tiny elves of magic

Invisible to the naked eye… 162 more words

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Piano - Author Maggie Mae


Even when your strings

Are slightly out of tune

The right fingers

On your ivory’s

Will transfix

An audience

Even when your gloss

Becomes dull with years… 392 more words


Lorenzo Jones : Actor | Writer | Director

Lorenzo Jones puts the “F” in fatherhood and the “D” in determination. Nearly 10 years of manipulating the pressures of being the single father of two children, maintaining employment and pursuing his dream as an actor in the District of Columbia has become a never-ending task. 810 more words

Digital Wasteland - Author Donna J. Sanders

We might as well

have circuits and wires

entwined with our veins

plug a virtual simulator

within the chasms

of our useless brains

as the more we rely… 348 more words

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The Fog - Author Steve Lay

The fog is rising over the mountain tops,
Blocking out all the morning sun,
Makes it sometimes hard to see,
The true colours of everyone. 357 more words

Creative Talents Unleashed

First Hurdle

So, second blog post. I’m officially past the first hurdle of making one blog post and then never revisiting the blog again, haha.

So far I submitted poetry to five different literary publications, so that’s cool. 282 more words

Who Gave You Permission to Do This?

Over the years, high-school and college-age Creative Writing students have routinely asked me the same questions. When I was a Fiction Editor at a literary magazine, some of the contributors would ask similar questions once I’d established enough rapport with them. 1,901 more words

Cultural Indoctrination