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Support a Starving Artist

Have you heard of CTU’s Starving Artist Fund? When Raja Williams realized the publishing industry was lacking in ways to help people who really had a passion for writing, she decided to take on the task of finding a way to help writers fulfill their dreams of publishing their own book. 423 more words


The Day I Had To Say Goodbye - Author Shirley Ann Cooper

You were the hero in this little girl’s heart,

Until the day you fell apart.

You gave me everything I needed most,

From my first guitar to my first home. 604 more words


The Poet’s Harmony - Author Christopher Allen Breidinger

Let me sing you a song.

Listen in close.

This is the melody

Of a poetic host.

I’m strumming my words

Just like a guitar. 385 more words


I Am - Author Lawrence Mashiyane

I am a Man

Not just by genitalia or the way

I was woven in the womb of the woman

I thus call Mother

But, as well, by the ambition of my heart… 516 more words

Creative Talents Unleashed

Anthology: Unleashed

Preface . . .

This book is NOT for the literary critics or the interpreters who sit as gods judging what is and what is NOT poetry or who is and who is NOT a poet! 299 more words


I Clown - Author Don Beukes

Early childhood development

quite a daunting predicament,

Surrounded and protected by

adults – My sentinels elected,

No young minds to play with

or close friends to stay with – 374 more words


Artistry, Eating and Thought Stream

When I’m working for 10 hours on a new composition, 20 feet away from my refrigerator, with food stacked inside ready for consumption, I make sure to take periodic breaks to nourish my sensitive organs, keep my energy levels balanced, my focus razor sharp and my creative mind supplemented by physical nutrition, right? 514 more words