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A Game ~ Iram Fatima ‘Ashi’

What is that string?

Which binds me with you,

After all those years of abstinence

Why can’t we just cut it loose?

Was that something eternal? 394 more words

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My Blue Shoes - Tammy S. Thomas

My blue shoes are like me,

Bright and bubbly as you can see

Keeps me stepping

One, two, three

My blues shoes protects my feet from harm… 237 more words

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Humanity Sings ~ Tamsen Grace

Humanity sings,

can you hear it ?

In laughter and sighs,

in cries of passion,

in moans of pain.

Humanity sings,

in silent screams,

in the pulse… 486 more words

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Strip Me of Ambition ~ Author Cory Costantino

I want to not be tired

like I always am

and when I am not tired

I want to be restful

like my life is ahead of me, 398 more words

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Stay Tuned...

Enjoy this rare occurence of seriousness. It won’t last for long…

Music creds @ me

Creative Crime

“I’m sick of being blown off artistically, I’m sick of being reduced to simplicity” 220 more words


The Reality of Writing of a Novel

I SO adored the blog post by Emily Gould, “How Much my Novel Cost Me.” We must have been sisters in another life. Honestly, I can relate to the experience of getting an MFA in New York. 217 more words


Absence ~ Author Alicia Minjarez Ramirez

You left

Like rain

After destroying

The bare countryside.

Below the leaves

Your name

Flying with the wind

Foreseen the verse,

Its useless tessitura

Upon the unpropitious… 243 more words

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