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Author Steve Lay - It's Just a Joke

Must have had victim tattooed on my forehead,

Easy target some of the things that you said,

Did you see me coming a mile away? 451 more words

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Author Don Beukes - Battle for Vygieskraal

Battle for Vygieskraal

In a distant subterranean land far below

the hissing lava lake beyond the whispering

hills of Matroosfontein, a treacherous battle

ground awaits an unknown Bloekomboom… 374 more words

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Swatches | Sick Sad World by le polish

Hi guys! Today I am super pumped to share the Sick Sad World collection releasing for preorder on March 17th from le polish! These polishes were sent to me for review and they will retail for $10. 428 more words


Author Raja Williams - Buried Alive

Buried Alive

With each and every passing thought,

I was slowly dying . . .

Under the refuse of other people’s



AND PREFERENCES, 265 more words

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Author Sue Lobo - Music


Play me the flute of life´s repute,

Of all that´s good, of love & compassion,

The music of all that´s beyond refute,

Of loves platonic & those of passion. 491 more words

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Author Debra McLain: Imperfections

Freckled skin, eyes of blue,

curly blonde, sweet, times two.

Just an innocent, knew no shame,

life taught lessons, one cruel game.

Ugly, spotty, frizzy haired child, 404 more words

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Starving Poet Offers His Love For Money

Stroke of breath
Because it’s free

Because this Po’ Boy
Shares his lamentations

Pinching Abraham
Staining fingers
With the scent of copper
To purchase
Dime store conversations. 75 more words