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"Golden Shovel" - an original poem

That golden shovel called money
to dig yourself out of the landslide
called poverty.
Lacking it,
you suffocate
from the
of it

Copyright © 2015 by T. K. Jones

My Original Works

I like food way too much...

….to be a starving artist. And clothes. And a nice place to live.

The truth is, I don’t buy into the notion that artists should live a certain lifestyle for the sake of staying true to their art. 559 more words


The Phoenix - Author Vallery Townsend

Pearls of wisdom, gleaned from tears
Born of blood and pain and fear.
Fire, consuming and liberating
A crucible endured in silence.
A Phoenix rises from her ashes… 130 more words

Creative Talents Unleashed

Pohemian Rhapsody

a pohemian lifestyle

is not for the weak

nor faint of heart

for we are pretentious creatures

living on PST  that would be

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20 Things About Money Only Artists Understand

1. When asked what I do for a living and I respond, “I am an artist”, it doesn’t necessarily mean “I am poor.”

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The Great Michigan Beer Journey, Day 1

Phew. What a weekend.

Just about a week ago, Beer Nerd Boyfriend and I embarked on a magical four-day trip to Kalamazoo, Michigan. Our goal? Get to the 30th anniversary of Bell’s Brewery and taste as many beers as we could along the way. 628 more words

to achieve your dreams, be in love with your struggle

I am not a healthy adult; I am a poet.

I don’t know that it’s possible to write or be an excellent artist and be “healthy” at the same time. 307 more words

Spilled Ink