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Once a master trainer was hiking through a land he had yet to explore on a strange night. The sky was oranger than a Charmander but the moon was full and bright. 91 more words

Pokemon Red and Blue – #4 Pokemon – Staryu and Starmie


– 27 (Staryu Only) Recover
– HM Surf
– TM Psychic
– TM Thunderbolt

The best non-legendary in the game is such for many, many reasons. 127 more words

#120 Staryu

this one turned out way better than i had hoped! i designed the jewel myself, because all the other ones i found weren’t accurate i thought.

All Made Pokémons

Staryu vs Stella

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Stella was a pretty tough circus performer, but in the end I don’t think her Mr Mime will be a match for Staryu. 39 more words