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Pokemon Starmie Staryu

1st Generation Pokemon / Traditional: Ballpoint pen on Paper / Effects: Instagram

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Pokéwalk Log, Day 12

After the fracas at the local gym I decided I needed some time to relax and what better way to relax in this god forsaken land then to head on down to the coast and frolic in the clear blue waters of the Pokestralia coast. 600 more words

Pokémon Go

Ohio Coe Lake Hotspot - Staryu and Magikarp

The other day I searched online for some good parks and recreation locations to go Pokemon hunting. Coe Lake came up in my searches and it looked promising. 139 more words


Pokémon on the GO

My very own Pokémon journey.

Pokémon GO, the new augmented reality mobile game from Nintendo is entirely new ground for the Japanese gaming company. Pokémon Red and Blue released on the Gameboy in 1996, and for 20 years, fans have been playing new iterations of what is – essentially – the same game.Sure, there’s a new region, game mechanic or 1,234,123 Pokémon to capture; but it’s essentially: starter Pokémon, Pokédex, rival, Team Rocket rip-off, Gym Badges, Elite Four, credits. 662 more words