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Pokémon water dome features Lapras, Pyukumuku and Staryu

A talented Pokémon fan has managed to create an intricate water dome that features Lapras, Pyukumuku and Staryu as the main focal points. Some extra thought was put into Lapras as well, in that the lovable Transport Pokémon’s appear to be different depending on the viewer’s angle. 22 more words


Realistic size Staryu

This Staryu is actually the size of real starfish.


Pokemon Starmie Staryu

1st Generation Pokemon / Traditional: Ballpoint pen on Paper / Effects: Instagram

Thank you!


Pokéwalk Log, Day 12

After the fracas at the local gym I decided I needed some time to relax and what better way to relax in this god forsaken land then to head on down to the coast and frolic in the clear blue waters of the Pokestralia coast. 600 more words

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