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Finished Object: Apron

I have been wanting to make myself an apron for a while: ever since I misplaced my Star Wars apron. I’m sure it’s somewhere in the house… somewhere. 261 more words


Finished Object: Nymandus Draculea Hat

I finished my Nymandus Draculea hat! I started this hat almost four years ago to practice cabling. I also remembered why I stopped working on this hat. 278 more words


Roving Reporter: The 3 Things you Need to Knit with Handspun by Kate Larson


This is a great article, though I found the title a little misleading.  I read it as “3 things you HAVE to knit with handspun” what the title really means is “Three things that enable you to knit with handspun”.  52 more words


A Bit of Stash Busting

I was flicking through my Ravelry stash yesterday night. I realised I have a LOT of yarn without particular plans. (Well realise is perhaps the wrong word – I have always known I had a problem but had never pondered on it long enough to really see that I needed to do something about it) 227 more words


A Remant Busting Top X 3

I think I’ve found a new tried and true top pattern to add to my go-to collection. This one is a favorite because it’s perfect for knit remnants! 379 more words

Fabric Stash

The fabric box is so much worse than I thought it was. There is so much fabric in random shapes and sizes.

Batting, interfacing, and fusible fleece… 318 more words


Finished objects

I’ve been stash busting.

I made a 3D flower pillow in a rich purple.

I made a big floor cushion out of some pop-art colors. 91 more words