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Today I started preparing for a demo I’ll be presenting at our quilt show in August. I’ll be using skinny strips of fabric, the size that usually go into the trash, and recycle them into cute little bags, like these. 131 more words


More Bousta, More Beanie

For someone who generally hates knitting two of something, it really didn’t take me long to cast on a second Bousta Beanie! Part of that, I’ll admit, is probably down to some subliminal messaging from the… 506 more words


Ahhh, the little things in knitting that make the most difference and save the most time in the end….

I’m going to share a secret. It’s not sexy (sorry!) but it’s a vital piece of knitting know-how. 560 more words




I’m going to let you in on a secret!

In the corner of my studio, behind a small bookshelf (that is currently holding a half-dozen half finished projects instead of books), there is a small wooden chest. 215 more words


So, last Saturday I bought fabric, again...

I swear, I was only going to look at batting to work out what I needed to get for when the Haptic Labs quilt kits arrive. 513 more words


With a hook

I still haven’t unpacked enough to set up sewing, and I also am having trouble containing the yarn stash in my new craft-room-free house.  To solve my itchy fiber fingers, I dug out my largest crochet hooks, read up a little to remember how to use them, and gathered three big cones of cotton yarn with the aim of reducing my stash at least a bit. 313 more words


State of the Stash - Second Quarter

Thank you all for your kind comments on my latest FOs!  On the other side of the scale, I’m here today to talk about the yarn that’s come into my stash in the past few months.  316 more words