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Tesla Headband: New Pattern Release

Are you ready for another $2 Stash-Buster? Use up leftover yarn to make yourself a lovely headband.

Tesla Headband is now available in my ravelry store. 43 more words

Apparently I've been unaware of this concept called stash busting.

I have so much yarn lying around my house. I’m not even joking. It’s just everywhere. The living room, bedroom, spare bedroom…It’s getting to the point where I’m going to need to dedicate an entire room to it. 121 more words


Project Caravan

This little beauty, a little long in the tooth but perfectly fit for purpose, has recently come into our possession:

And while she is very comfortable, her age makes her one of the less well insulated, and she gets… 91 more words


Quickie Capelet

How this pattern came together was trial and error. And while the pattern creation took several days, the actual knitting was 3 hours—total. A nice afternoon project with great results. 481 more words


Then The Behemoth grew, and the orders came in.

As I continue to work on my Stashbuster, now nicknamed The Behemoth, I am also working on some of my commissioned items. How I got commissions is a mildly interesting tale. 586 more words


The Great New Year's Eve/Day Cast On Event!

That’s a very long-winded way of saying NEW PROJECT TIME EVERYONE!!!

I’ve decided to do a bit of a scrap-yarn-down and the Scrap Yarn Sock Advent Calendar 2014… 120 more words