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Dear Social Media...

Dear movies, social media, pornography sites, magazines, books, and scales of one to ten.
Do you understand that you are the reason that girl stands in front of a mirror disgusted with herself because she doesn’t reach your unobtainable standards? 1,205 more words


Because He said so

Standing here, watching you, turning every head in this crowded room…”

As this song played in my car as I was driving home, I  started to think (daydream) about how it would feel to mesmerize someone, captivate them. 251 more words

Embracing the beauty God sees in you! (podcast)

On this talk show:  How you can step into the dreams God intended for you and learn to embrace the beauty that God sees in you (Stasi Eldredge) 28 more words


Spending Time with Grandma

My Grandma Rosemary is one of the treasures of the Kingdom of God. She is one of those people I sit down with and passionately talk about Christ with for hours on end. 503 more words

2015 In Review

Here are some books that i read in 2015 that i didn’t review. I definitely recommend reading the first two books, especially the second book (life changing!). 732 more words



We’re all familiar with the numeric pain assessment scale. How many times have you been asked the question, “On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?” My Aunt Donna has been asked the question several times over the last week in recovering from her second knee replacement for the year.   973 more words


soundtrack of my childhood

The soundtrack of my childhood is

Giggles and made-up words and stroller wheels on the bumpy sidewalk

Ice cream trucks and carnival music and peeper frogs at my grandparents’ house… 510 more words