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Site Traffic Brand Number Crunch

Alright, breezing through the topic requests, I’m moving on to site traffic analysis for Phillip. To be honest, I feel like this is a bit of a grey area because site traffic changes so much year to year on various platforms so much as I basically ignore the views any website says it gets and only follow what effects revenue in terms of what type of client we get. 235 more words

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Irrational Fears have Consequences

People have a lot of beliefs that aren’t true

As someone who is obsessed with sharks, I spend a lot of time listing for people the things that are more likely to kill them then a  608 more words



Jennifer K. Lewis

 “Kind words are like honey–sweet to the soul and healthy for the body”.  Proverbs 16:24

Many of us seem to share the some of the same sentiments in our informative Ataxia ‘chat-rooms.’  Medical statistics offer validated numbers related to the support given to those who are living day-to-day with nary a glimmer of a hope challenged with any type of traumatic disease, or in our case, any form of Ataxia.    439 more words