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Hammer Time 6: Character Spotlight Crossover!

For this installment of Hammer Time, we wanted a more intimate feel, so we’re spotlighting a different kind of hammer. The kind of hammer only a player could love. 271 more words

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Ask A Nerd: Can I Have Your Autograph?

What’s worth more, a picture of the White House, or a picture of the White House that has been signed by the President?

A MLB-certified game ball, or one signed by Babe Ruth? 194 more words

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Way Of The Gun 17: A Gun With A Laser On It (But Not What You're Thinking)

If you’re familiar with laser tag, then you’re familiar with the MILES system, which is the basic premise behind this idea.

For those outside the box of knowledge, MILES stands for multiple integrated laser engagement system, a training tool first introduced to the US Army in 1978. 2,831 more words

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Who The Hell Is St. Valentine, Anyway?

Looks like a pretty radical dude to me.

But who was he? What did he do? Why do we invoke his name each year on the 14th of February, as we exchange gifts with loved ones? 572 more words

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Be Mine (A Valentine's Day Treat)

You’ve got one day to get together a gift for that special someone, or if you’re single, pick out a bottle in which to drown one’s sorrows and loneliness. 1,090 more words

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Will You Be My Valentine?

That’s right, everybody, it’s that time of the year. Our hormones are raging and our significant others are waiting with bated breath to be blown away by your well-thought out, sincere gift. 347 more words

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Warhammer 40k Imports: Tyranid Tyranny (What The Hell Was I Thinking?)

*Gasp* This piece is going to be longer than the one we did on orks. Maybe. Probably.

Ok, I don’t know, but there’s a veritable jungle of stuff to do with the all-consuming menace that is the Tyranids. 800 more words

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