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Why Delaying School Start Dates is a Bad Deal for Students

Why Delaying School Start Dates is a Bad Deal for Students. Brookings Institution. Martin R. West. September 8, 2016.

Maryland governor Larry Hogan announced on August 31 a new executive order directing all public schools in the state to delay the start of classes until after Labor Day and end the school year by June 15. 64 more words

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"Money No Where In Sight": As Zika Spreads, Republicans Hold Funding Hostage

More than three months have passed since President Obama first asked Congress for $1.8 billion to fund the fight against the Zika virus, and the full amount is still nowhere in sight. 404 more words

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"Protecting Conservative Principles": Alabama Blocks Local Control On Minimum Wage

It’s been nearly two years since Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) announced that her state would not only ignore calls for a higher minimum wage, but also that the state law would block any effort by local Oklahoma communities to raise wages at the municipal level. 354 more words


Wildfires in the United States: A Primer

Wildfires in the United States: A Primer. Urban Institute. Vera Brusentsev and Wayne Vroman. January 28, 2016.

The report examines recent wildfires in the United States, summarizing their frequency, trends, and costs. 94 more words

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