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My latest for Exponents: Green Tech and the Post-Decadent Society

I argue in Exponents:

Ultimately, it is alchemy – cultural and technological creativity – or as Douthat puts it, the capacity to “imagine and work toward renewal and renaissance” that counteracts decadence.

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"Polycentric Sovereignty: The Medieval Constitution, Governance Quality, and the Wealth of Nations"

It is widely accepted that good institutions caused the massive increase in living standards enjoyed by ordinary people over the past two hundred years. But what caused good institutions?

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The ISIS Files are now available online

Here’s a description:

The ISIS Files provide a unique cross-sectional snapshot of life in Mosul under the Islamic State, spanning doctrinal guidance from its command to the paperwork of its bureaucracy to the notes of students in its classrooms.

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How Do the Poor in India Claim the State?

In 2004, two world bank economists, Stuti Khemani and Philip Keefer wrote an article titled ‘Why do the poor receive poor services?’ Their central argument was that although the poor in India are voting with their feet, elections after elections, that has not translated into better public services. 1,998 more words


Overpopulation, or The Great Indian Lie

Unlike what Western “experts” (and increasingly Indians themselves) think, India isn’t over-populated. It’s merely under-governed.

I have a bone to pick with Hasan Minhaj. I don’t particularly like his comedy but I don’t really hate it either. 2,556 more words