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China: Reformers and Compradors

China: Reformers and Compradors

By James Petras       9.11.2015


Introductory note by Fazal Rahman

In the article with the above link, Professor Petras, one of the most knowledgeable and eminent social scientists and political-economists in the world, has partially analyzed the Orwellian “Communism”; corruption in all layers of society; especially in the top level party, business, and government officials; and emergence of new class divisions; etc. 694 more words


Trump (and his supporters)


Orthodox Philosopher/Theologian/Renaissance Man David Bentley Hart wrote something in May of 2011 that I excerpt below.  Given the date, nobody who hasn’t drunk the Kool-Aid could think it’s a political hit job (unless David Bentley Hart is also an honest-to-gosh… 789 more words


Milov on Otkritie

Vladimir Milov:

A few words as an epitaph to “Russia’s largest bank”…

What amazes me is the flock of white-collar capelin with their “the Central Bank is doing everything right, now the banking system is saved.” They all talk about it as if we live in Britain, and Otkritie is the Royal Bank of Scotland.

176 more words

There is no communism in Russia by Emma Goldman (part one)

Communism is now on everybody’s lips. Some talk of it with the exaggerated enthusiasm of a new convert, others fear and condemn it as a social menace. 657 more words

Libertarian Socialism

Why socialism isn't state monopoly capitalism

State monopoly capitalism or, state capitalism, is an economic system of which the means of production and distribution are controlled by the state and managed by a bureaucratic class. 131 more words

Libertarian Socialism

The ACA Insurance Program Does Not Reduce Costs

Instead, the ACA is intended to support rising costs. It is a market-racketeering scheme.

When you hear that “buying insurance reduces the cost,” it does no such thing! 171 more words

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