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Sugarcane Stalinism

State capitalism and development in Cuba

Nations, as well as individuals, cannot escape the imperatives of capital accumulation without abolishing capital.

— Grandizo Munis, “For a Second Communist Manifesto”

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The New Economic Policy, and Its Potential Alternatives

This is part 3 of my series on the Soviet Union economy. In this part we discuss the performance of the New Economic Policy, which was in place from 1921 to 1928. 3,655 more words

Soviet Union

Invisible green belts in Beijing

The green belt may be a British idea imported to China, but the concept has worked out to be very different in practice. In the context of Beijing’s urbanisation, it turns out that the local state uses the ecological discourse of the green belt to legitimate its land businesses. 1,324 more words



Democracy under Capitalism.

Much play is made by the political class (and many other pro-capitalists) concerning the so-called merits of western democratic practices. It is often trumpeted by its advocates as – the best system possible. 4,491 more words


Is North Korea Communist?

Greetings Comrades its Mortika Lacrosse and it’s been awhile since I have posted a blog.  But I felt like it was time since I keep hearing the lie about North Korea. 367 more words


China And The United States: Reverse Merger

SINCE AT LEAST World War 2, the lodestar of US foreign policy has been to steer authoritarian regimes towards norms of free-market democracy on the American model through engagement backed by the United States’ economic and military supremacy. 1,604 more words


don't say I didn't warn you.

taxpayer are now paying for this.

The government is giving broadcasters including Channel 4 and ITV an extra £60m to help them make more home-grown children’s programmes. 78 more words

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