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The smoking gun: State Department pressured FBI to unclassify Clinton e-mails

The far left Washington Post reports:

FBI official Brian McCauley had been trying for weeks to get his contact at the State Department to approve his request to put two bureau employees back in Baghdad.

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Did the State Department Float a Quid Pro Quo to the FBI over Hillary’s E-mail Scandal?

There is overwhelming evidence that Clinton, Kennedy, and their confederates corruptly obstructed judicial FOIA proceedings and congressional investigations. But there is no bribery case.

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Doubts Emerge Over State Department Denial on Clinton Emails

A top former Justice Department privacy officer on Wednesday called it “extremely unlikely” that a senior U.S. diplomat would normally discuss the nuances of classification levels of one of Hillary Clinton’s emails about Benghazi with the deputy assistant director of the FBI’s international operations bureau. 1,125 more words

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How Hillary’s lawyers ran roughshod over the FBI

New York Post, by Paul Sperry, October 19, 2016:

Last August, FBI officials paid a visit to Hillary Clinton’s lawyers’ office in Washington and begged to see six laptop computers containing the former secretary of state’s classified e-mails. 752 more words

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US slams Israel again over West Bank settlements

Wednesday Odummer once again condemned Israel for plans to construct housing on land claimed by the Palestinians, saying a new project announced last week profoundly hurts efforts to forge a two-state solution to the long-running conflict. 710 more words

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Iran Sentences More Americans, and US ‘Respectfully’ Plays the Game

After Iran coolly announced half a dozen 10-year sentences for men accused of spying on behalf of the U.S. government—two of those American citizens, one a permanent U.S. 831 more words

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State Department tried to convince FBI during investigation to declassify emails

By Bonnie K. Goodman

The FBI released 100 more pages of the investigation into Democratic nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private server and it shows the State Department may have tried to influence the FBI to declassify an email. 779 more words