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Never Say Never

As I reflect upon life on my birthday, I am reminded of a recent State Farm commercial.  A young man trying to play it cool professes “I’ll never get married!”  Shortly following every claim, each statement comes true.  190 more words


I Hate You State Farm

You Kept Me Up All Night Laughing!


State Farm and Laughing?    Huh??  

Normally insurance companies might make you cry but laugh?  Never mind keeping me up all night chuckling. 314 more words


Commercial goodness

I really like these State Farm commercials.  45 more words


How Long Until The State Farm Commercials Need A Warning?

How long do you think it’ll be until the State Farm commercials need a jingle? You know the ones, someone gets into trouble and they summon their agent by singing the State Farm jingle. 162 more words

Purpose never expires

One of my favorite commercials…. Two friends walk into a store one leaves with a nice purse and one has to fish for a dollar. … 170 more words

Posting With Purpose

The world is going to hell and Jeep answers call of duty with badass war machines.

The Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Edition. That’s a big title for a new jeep, a video game or even a hybrid of the two. 393 more words

Regret, remorse and infidelity: Advertisers make marriage seem like purgatory.

“I should have married John Clarke.”

The other night I see these two commercials, one after the other, for State Farm and AT&T. They are both slice-of-life commercials featuring a husband and wife in conflict. 506 more words