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Reflection 16 : Revision - Public Law 99-457

Ya Allah penatnya taip satu-satu. Nak tulis lagilah malaaas! Dasar anak dara apalah macam ni Yasming, nanti takde orang nak masuk meminang :’(

Ok banyak pula melalut. 187 more words

Learner Diversity

Higher education funding cut below FY 2000-01 levels in compromise agreement

Higher education is cut by $351 million in the agreement reached between Governor Dayton and the Legislature, a 12 percent cut in general fund support in FY 2012-13 and slightly less than in the legislative budget. 568 more words

Budget Proposals

House and Senate slash funding for higher education to FY 2000-01 levels

As we look to the future, experts are continually telling us that a highly educated workforce is our key to a healthy and successful economy. According the… 892 more words

Budget Proposals

Governor's budget cuts higher education as demand increases

In the coming days, we will be delving deeper into the Governor’s supplemental budget proposal. Today, we are taking a closer look at higher education. 663 more words

Budget Proposals