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U.S. citizens urged to defer travel to Ethiopia -State Department

U.S. citizens urged to defer travel to Ethiopia -State Department
by Reuters 21 October 2016

U.N. appoints Wonder Woman as honorary ambassador amid outcry
Central African Republic worst country in the world for young people – study…

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Oakland Institute: Ethiopia’s State of Emergency: Authorizing Oppression. #Oromoprotests #OromoRevolution

Ethiopia’s State of Emergency: Authorizing Oppression

Elizabeth Fraser and Anuradha Mittal, Oakland Institute, 20  October 2016

The government of Ethiopia has responded to a groundswell of protests, which are calling for democracy and human rights for all, by imposing a six-month long state of emergency, effective October 8. 1,274 more words


Posting on Facebook is now a crime under Ethiopia’s state of emergency

A state of emergency declared in Ethiopia last week is growing more draconian by the day. Posting updates on the current status of the country, hit by anti-government protests since last November, is now a crime, the government said over the weekend. 401 more words

State Of Emergency

A little twist to bury the right to demonstrate

On September 20th the Minister of Justice issued a circular, that is  ministerial advice “on the fight against crimes committed during demonstrations and other collective movements” addressed to prosecutors and for information to criminal courts. 1,087 more words

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How Ethiopia's State of Emergency affects Universal Declaration of Human Rights


The italic text in red describes my explanation of how the State of Emergency affects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I am not a lawyer and this is solely my interpretation of the way the State of Emergency affects the Universal declaration of Human Rights! 1,914 more words

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AI: Ethiopia: Draconian measures will escalate the deepening crisis. #OromoProtests

Ethiopia: Draconian measures will escalate the deepening crisis

Amnesty International, 18 October 2016

Heavy-handed measures by the Ethiopian government will only escalate a deepening crisis that has claimed the lives of more than 800 protesters since protests began in November 2015, said Amnesty International today after the government issued a directive imposing wide-ranging restrictions as part of a state of emergency. 1,513 more words