Musing through my window by YvetteDepaepe

To me, waterfalls are the most beautiful curtains Mother Earth uses to decorate her universal home …
Gently blowing in the breeze, or whispering softly on dull days, or furiously dancing in stormy weather. 6 more words

Black And White

Outlawing Flirting in Public

Today on Days to Remember we celebrate how on January 9th 1902 the State of New York introduced a bill to outlaw flirting in public. 743 more words

New Law Threatens to Revoke Al Sharpton’s Passport for Unpaid Taxes

Cheyenne, WY – 12/30/15. Buried in the highway spending bill just signed into law on December 4 by President Obama is this provision:

“If the Secretary receives certification by the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service that an individual has a seriously delinquent tax debt, the Secretary shall transmit such certification to the Secretary of State for action with respect to denial, revocation or limitation of a passport.” 212 more words


Congratulations to Our Newest Attorney

Bashian & Farber, LLP, is proud to announce that Jordan C. Conger, Esq., who has worked as a Law Clerk with the firm for over a year, was admitted to the practice of law before the Courts of the State of New York by the Supreme Court Appellate Division, Second Department, on November 12, 2014. 185 more words

Bashian & Farber

Court Rules Pro-Life Views Are “Patently Offensive,” Bans Choose Life License Plates in New York

Reported by Steven Ertelt   May 25, 2015   |   Albany, NY

URL of the Original Posting Site: http://www.lifenews.com/2015/05/25/court-rules-pro-life-views-are-patently-offensive-bans-choose-life-license-plates-in-new-York/

A federal appeals court has issued a ruling banning Choose Life license plates in New York state and claimed in its decision that pro-life views are… 639 more words


Niagara Falls in Ontario and New York by Mzondi Lungu

A nature beauty. Niagara Falls are massive waterfalls on the Niagara River, straddling the international border separating the Canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. state of New York. 16 more words

Lungu Mzondi

the foundation

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Oct. 27, 2014

“ glory is not dominion, but liberty. Her march is the march of the mind. 2,396 more words