21% of manufacturers in New York laying off due to Obamacare

The New York Federal Reserve reached out to businesses in the state of New York to gauge how Obamacare was affecting their financials. Full article can be read… 178 more words


Governor Cuomo Visits Hoosick Falls. March 13, 2016.

Following widespread criticism from residents and other local elected leaders, Governor Cuomo visited Hoosick Falls and reassured residents that their water would once again be safe to use and consume. 7 more words

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Many Critical of Governor's Lack of Response. March 9, 2016.

Many town residents and other area leaders have been critical of Governor Cuomo’s lack of response to the Hoosick Falls water crisis. While the governor has assisted in having the area declared a Superfund status and has promised to identify a new water source, he has failed to make any public appearances at Hoosick Falls.

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