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Actually, after midnight last night.

To confirm what had pulled us up short in the early a.m., today we went to Google and entered, “Cheney, leaks, pre-Iran, NYTimes, Judith…” 389 more words



“Fine-tuned machine!”

This from someone about whom people are just beginning to say two things: give him six months and he’s out, or, alternatively, “Maybe a little chaos is good for the country!” 798 more words


State of the Union 2017 - Tight End

The 2016 season was the culmination of three years of searching for a starting tight end. In the end, not only did Cameron Brate, an undrafted free agent from Harvard, seize the Bucs’ top spot, he established himself as one of the most dangerous tight ends in the league. 631 more words

State Of The Union

Trump aide accuses Jake Tapper of being sexist over "aggressive" Kellyanne Conway interview

President Trump’s advisor Sebastian Gorka, who appeared on The Lead at the beginning of February, hit at CNN anchor Jake Tapper, saying that his last Tuesday interview with Kellyanne Conway was “aggressive” and implying sexism. 94 more words



was just one possible headline today.  Crash would be another; smash a third.   We’re approaching a month of Trumpism, and almost nothing looks, sounds, or feels as though any reasonable education is taking place, nor any reasonable improvement in any aspect of our daily lives. 826 more words


Jake Tapper now a GOP target (Report)

Following CNN anchor Jake Tapper’s hard-hitting interview yesterday on The Lead with senior counselor to President Trump, Kellyanne Conway, veteran DC reporter Mike Allen’s new site, Axios, … 123 more words



With our new “so-called” President unwilling to answer basic questions about his financial world, about his healthcare plans, about his reasons for selecting cabinet members who seem unqualified and part of the “swamp,” we’re left not knowing very much about his likes and dislikes.  893 more words