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Perhaps because we feel that the United States is tougher and stronger and more blessed than Donald Trump, we find a sneaking and growing sympathy for the man who is currently doing his best to destroy the nation. 863 more words


The People's State of the Union Address

The next time you tell us you’re sorry
about whatever thing that can’t or won’t be done or the next time you say
take a deep breath or look for the silver lining or it could be worse or the next time… 252 more words

"ONLY I..."

We seem to recall that on the campaign trail, Donald Trump – in discussing how beautiful his new tax code as going to be – happily revealed that “Only I can fix it,” because, after all, he had been profiting from the old one for years. 694 more words



After last week’s podcast, our “director, cameraman, advisor” and more-Republican-than-we-are friend, said to us, “You know, you’re getting boring.  It’s too much, week after week, hearing you go at Trump, his crew, his ideas.  886 more words


EDITORIAL: Throw a buck in the guitar case, please!


I am proud to say that over the course of the last two months, The Recoup has experienced a great increase in traffic. We’ve published some high-profile pieces that have garnered us thousands of readers we didn’t expect to gain, and a daily read rate that is significantly higher than it has been before. 270 more words


JULY 4th, 2017

This column is not late.  Instead, think of it as considered slowly.

To write about our nation on its birthday, and the state of that nation as it is today, right this very minute, made us want to duck the whole thing. 924 more words



Forget about the Last Tweet.  Forget about Michael Flynn.  Forget, if you can, about Donald Trump.

Remember who has the ball.

You do.

It’s difficult sitting isolatedly while trying to estimate just how strong opposition to the Trump Health Care plan is.  738 more words